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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Sun Apr 13 12:26:55 EST 2003

BTW, I've already stated all that's necessary - transform 'amps' to
energy-gradient, and forget about 'time'.

'time' only enters into it via 'amps'.

Forget 'time', and do everything in terms of the only stuff that;s
in-there - the energy-gradient - the energy-vector-field, in which
the prior 'instant' and next 'instant are directly readable from the
vector information.

If you want to go from 'Monday' to 'Saturday', just give sequential
energy-gradients sequence numbers - instead of 'conjuring'
non-physically-real 'time' which practice =only= sends
conceptualization off into 'fantasy-land'.

It seems a 'trivial' thing, at first, this eliminating of
non-physically-real 'time' from calculations, but doing so is
=exactly= analogous to eliminating the non-physically-real Ptolemais
'epicycles' from Astronomical calculations - if one 'looks' through
the ;lens' of Ptolemaic Astronomy, one yeilds to the illusion of
there being planets doing 'loop-the-loops' in the 'spheres' of the
heavens. But when one eliminates the epicycles, one sees that the
planets move in eliptical orbits around the sun, while realizing that
the 'loop-the-loop' stuff is, in fact, an illusion that derives in
periodic orbital coincidences.

Exactly analogous - non-trivial, replete-with-meaning for the
going-forwardness of Humanity - perceptual shifts ensue upon
eliminating non-physically-real 'time' from calculations [and, of
course, not only with respect to Neuroscience].

Please don't, now, ask me to discuss these.

I've been discussing them all along. If you can't see them, you've
got to go over archived prior discussions [Google 'em.]. I'm not
capable of pushing that much energy, all over again, with only the
energy I've available to me before I've got to 'log-off' [it only
'seems' that this way of saying, "I don't have the 'time`" is less
elegant be-cause you're 'familiar' with the ancient illusion of
'time', and not [yet] 'familiar' with the sans-'time' stuff - with
respect to the relative TD E/I inherent, "Metric\English" measure,
"QWERTY\Dvorak" keyboard, this-cultrue\that-culture... same-old,
same-old - "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak" - in terms
of handling the "rendering useless" [AoK, Ap8] inherent. Get what's
inherent? There's this TD E/I-minimization 'difficulty' inherent :-]

K. P. Collins

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
news:fGgma.27093$cO3.1977657 at bgtnsc04-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
| "mat" <mats_trash at hotmail.com> wrote in message
| news:43525ce3.0304130628.322d53dd at posting.google.com...
| | If its all so obvious and simple Ken, show us the mathematics -
| show
| | us how you convert the hodgkin-huxley formalism into your theory.
| Be
| | explicit about what you mean using equations/formulae rather than
| than
| | just abstract prose which even you must admit seems to be
| convincing
| | no-one.
| Gladly. In-person, before fair witnesses of my choice.
| I could do it here, but no one would comprehend [well, some would,
| but, interpolating with respect to what's already transpired, the
| ones who comprehend will just 'borrow' it, leaving me as I stand,
| withholding the understanding from those who are Ravaged be-cause
| understanding is being withheld from them].
| The other thing is that I've developed some 'new' Maths [I've been
| deep into the nervous system for 30 years, after all], which I'm
| any Mathematician can deal with - but my Maths 'language' is
| non-standard, and my experience has been that 'no one' would be
| to follow it without, first, giving themselves over to
| about it's 'non-standardness'.
| In-person, I can translate all of it into vector diagrams that
| communicate universally. In-person, I can animate the vector
| diagrams.
| It's why in-person is necessary [that, and, through the fair
| witnesses, to assure that it's stuff actually makes it to the
| Children].
| So, Mat [=ANYONE=], set up the opportunity. My travel expenses,
| and board will have to be funded, including a small
| after-the-presentation try-to-stay-alive 'kitty' [I can't dry-up
| financially in the midst of giving such a presentation] - I'm
| [but not Broken :-]
| K. P. Collins

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