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Evolution & Prions

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Sun Apr 13 12:48:56 EST 2003

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| Hi peter.
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| | > [...]
| So, to prospective employers, I'm a 'formerly institutionalized',
| multiply-imprisoned, 'Loser' that they don't want to hire.
| [...]

It's 'plan B' - Advocate on behalf of the Children again - get
arrested again - go to prison again - "three strikes and" [I'm]
"out" - 'room & board' for Life.

I'll work with the Prisoners - same way I did on both of my previous

And, of course, I'll continue to work in the ol' noggin' lab [hope
they let me keep my pens this 'time', though. Last 'time' the
'guards' stole 12 of them :-]

"Life gives you lemons..." and all that.


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