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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

mat mats_trash at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 14 03:29:30 EST 2003

> I could do it here, but no one would comprehend [well, some would,
> but, interpolating with respect to what's already transpired, the
> ones who comprehend will just 'borrow' it, leaving me as I stand, and
> withholding the understanding from those who are Ravaged be-cause the
> understanding is being withheld from them].

Is it not a bit selfish to hold back from enlightening us and 'saving
humanity' becuase you might not get the credit for the theory in the
end?  And I thought you were a Christian of some sort?  Blessed are
the meek etc.

Also, I infer from the above that you don't trust any here to
dutifully and honestly pass on you message once we've been awed by
your theory i.e. you reckon we're a bunch of crooks.  If so, why
bother posting at all?

> The other thing is that I've developed some 'new' Maths [I've been
> deep into the nervous system for 30 years, after all], which I'm sure
> any Mathematician can deal with - but my Maths 'language' is
> non-standard, and my experience has been that 'no one' would be able
> to follow it without, first, giving themselves over to 'complaining'
> about it's 'non-standardness'.

New maths as well?  Perhaps a Fields medal in addition to the Nobel
prize?  When you say new mathematics, do you mean using different
symbols? (hint: thats not new.)  The most mathematical things you have
talked about are vectors and matrices; I'm sure that algebra is
sufficently well developed for you to represent any system you require
in standard mathematics.

> So, Mat [=ANYONE=], set up the opportunity. My travel expenses, room
> and board will have to be funded, including a small
> after-the-presentation try-to-stay-alive 'kitty' 

So you want the money before giving the goods, or even any glimpse of
them?  Doesn't work like that.

These documents of yours you continually reference in your posts - are
they avalable to be read?  Do they have the detailed maths?  Do they

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