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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

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Mon Apr 14 09:24:25 EST 2003

"mat" <mats_trash at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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| > [..]|
| > So, Mat [=ANYONE=], set up the opportunity. My travel expenses,
| > and board will have to be funded, including a small
| > after-the-presentation try-to-stay-alive 'kitty'
| So you want the money before giving the goods, or even any glimpse
| them?  Doesn't work like that.

Until recently, I've always offered to do the in-person thing at my
own expense.

Now, I just have nothing left with which I can pay my own way.

It's a 'funny' thing about giving an in-person presentation:

One must be alive to do it.

| These documents of yours you continually reference in your posts -
| they avalable to be read?  Do they have the detailed maths?  Do
| exist?

I've maintained all of my working documentation except stuff that I
valued at about $400,000 that I had to pile in a dumpster when I lost
my apartment about 4 years ago, and some stuff that was, apparently,
stolen from a storage bin after I'd referred to it online and in
telephone conversations.

I =think= I still have all of my notebooks, but am not sure. If I
have them, they are somewhere in the boxxes that contain them.

It's moot, though. Within days, everything will be lost.

So, yeah, I gon't actually believe that I've been dealt with

You can try to imagine what is happening to me in this way.

Strangers to you come into your Life, separate you from your income,
force you to give up your Home, Wife, Children, all your possessions,
and then force you to work solely to their benefit. In other words,
you've become their Slave - all you've left is the clothes you have
on your back - they mock you because you're unwashed, unkempt, and

So, you turn to 'begging', and it 'hurts' because, despite it all,
you beg on their behalf, yet they only 'mve away from', more.

In the face of all that's inherent, what would you do?

I hope you'd do what needs to be done.

K. P. Collins

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