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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

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Wed Apr 16 19:00:45 EST 2003

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| The so-called "biological `clocks`" are =just= the waxing and
| of the energy-gradient with respect to stuff like the
| nutritional-energy supply winding down with respect to metabolic
| energy consumption ["hunger"], which, if one eats at particular
| 'clock-times' every day will, of course, tend to 'coincide' with
| breakfast, lunch, and supper 'times' - but what's actually going on
| in-there is the waxing and waining of available energy, as energy
| taken in during eating, and expended via metabolic activity - it's
| the energy-gradient that sets the 'time' of "hunger", not any
| external 'clock time' nor any internal 'clock time'.
| [...]

There's 'learning' in-there, too, with respect to 'dinner time' -
manifested in the form of 'patience' with respect to discontinuing
'working' until the routine 'eating-time' comes. This 'learning' is
just more TD E/I-minimization.

I commonly [even when I can afford to eat at will] skip eating 'cause
I want to finish something I'm working on. I 'sense' my 'hunger', but
continue working, and my 'hunger' just goes away - next
'eating-time', I'm =really= 'hungry' - it's all the energy-gradient,
=including= 'learning' of TD E/I-minimized correlates with respect to
daily 'routine'.

All of this is flat-out obvious if, for whatever reason, one's 'daily
routine' is not so 'routine' - the stuff that is 'normally'
'invisible' because it's so automated, becomes 'visible' as
lack-of-routine weakens TD E/I-minimization's automated inertia.

Folks've been looking right at TD E/I-minimization and calling it a
'clock', but it's 'just' TD E/I-minimization on top of the waxing and
waining of 'nutritional\metabolic - 'satiation'\'hunger' -

K. P. Collins

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