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DHEA supplement shows no effect on Alzheimer's disease

Peter F fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au
Wed Apr 16 21:36:54 EST 2003

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
news:UJina.63320$ja4.4201590 at bgtnsc05-news.ops.worldnet.att.net...
> Ho, Peter.
> "Peter F" <fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
> news:VQRma.215$Ka3.7132 at nnrp1.ozemail.com.au...
> | Another friendly advice:
> | Rather than doggedly standing, you could start walking peoples'
> dogs for
> | doe, and in this way possibly even change the chemistry of your
> brain --
> | that bears the burden of a 'circuitously localized' but 'leaking'
> (mainly
> | into, and fuelling, your own favorite theoretical direction) Td E/I
> (up).
> |
> | Get it?
> |
> | P
> Yeah, I do. When one is certain of one's position, even though it's
> 'hard' [even though doing so will result in one's experiencing TD
> E/I(up) over the short term], if one is to actually do Science, one
> must "stand upon' one's position.
> To do otherwise is to allow the 'weight' of happenstance interactive
> dynamics to supplant Truth [and Science].
> Which is something I do not [knowingly] do.
> Period.
> So, yeah, I get it.
> I mean no 'offense'. I mean just the opposite stuff.

Your manifestly massively inert/massively invested-in take on Truth (N.B.,
am not implying that your manifesto is not an in many ways clever scheme)
can be understood as CURSES handled "AEVASIVEly" [i.e. understood according
to a marginally (though to an ultimate dEPTth) evolution-theoretically
Extended, & with new sem_antics 'Enhanced?', Primal Theory, see

What Is going on _with you_, partly includes an unconscious instinctive
avoidance [a 'shutting your ASS' (keeping neural "gates" closed, thereby
also 'constipating' an in many cases _otherwise more ideally
self-regulatory_ flow of consciousness)] of the lingering "smells" of SHITS
you yourself once were actually in.

If you don't believe me, ask your amygdala.

Being familiar with computers as you are, you would know that sometimes a
restart, or a "kill process" action is required for the computer's
functionality to be improved or restored. And, similarly, sometimes a
screen-refresh is required.

The computer hardware-architecture usually remains the same after a
"restart", so: What are you worried about/what do you have to loose?


I'll soon stop probing you. I promise!

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