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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

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| [...]|
| I pursued Publication via many routes simultaneously. Submitting
| it to Publishers, while seeking to gain a hearing for it by passing
| out copies of it at Conferences, sending out copies to Researchers
| whose work was integrated, telephone calls, in-person visits. I
| a video tape and sent it out. I did everything that I could think
| I allowed myself no'excuses'
| [...]
| Basically, virtually all of the Neuroscience problems that were
| outstanding at the 'time' AoK was written are resolved within AoK.

This's NQI. The actual case is that, in addition to those that were
resolved in AoK, solutions to virtually all of the outstanding
problems in Neuroscience [and a =lot= more] were constrained within
AoK, in a way that points directly to their solution. I left a lot
only implicitly-stated in AoK.

| Which is why my 'heart'-breaks so that AoK will not be allowed to
| Published - it's like a vice - I'm being crushed between folks'
| wanting the solutions that've been in AoK all along, and folks'
| 'rejection' of my having given all those solutions to them, only to
| have their right-there existence be 'denied' because the folks
| seeking 'solutions' don't care enough to actually learn the
| Neuroscience that underpins the solutions they seek. [It all goes
| downhill [in the direction of WDB2T] from there. Folks 'take
| that an 'outsider' presumes to tell them that they don't know basic
| stuff in the fields in which they've earned their Ph.D.s Such is
| understandable, but there it is, needing to be risen above.
| [...]

What I left out in the preceding post [although it's implicit in the
observations that underpin my 'infamy'] is that it's been apparent,
all along, that some folks did comprehend at least some of the
significance of what's in AoK.

These folks've 'just' taken NDT's understanding, while withholding
it's stuff from the rest of Humanity, the result being death,
destruction, and generalized Ravaging of Humanity has occurred in the
name of 'profits'.

That I state such plainly is the biggest part of 'why' AoK is not
being allowed Publication [and 'why' I'm being Murdered].

K. P. Collins

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