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Inflammatory neuropathy

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Thu Apr 17 11:36:12 EST 2003

First nesessary step is to construct a =detailed= Life History, both
genetic and experiential. List everything hierarchically in 'time'
order with specific respect to onset of the symptoms, and work
backward from there to look for pathogenetic stuff - illness, drug
use, nutritional deficits, etc.

The goal is to gather 'clues'. It's hard work, but very useful
commensurate with the level of detain that's attained.

What you're looking for is 'time' coincidences [that, unless there's
something dramatically-obvious, will most likely correlate to long
prior to the onset of symptoms] that point to the start of what,
eventually, became manifest in symptomology.

In the future, computerized 'expert' systems will guide folks through
such history collection, but, for now, one must do it the hard
[grinding] way.

Good luck.


"Ian Timshel" <itschaoticREMOVE at yahoo.ca> wrote in message
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| Hi all.
| Please point me to other boards or resources if this post is
| inappropriate here.
| I have a friend who has the troubles described below.  He's looking
| resources and support online.  If anyone has some ideas as to where
| might find some information regarding treatment and support for
| type of thing please post back. We would both welcome any comments.
| Cheers!  Ian.
| 1. Diagnosis: Inflammatory neuropathy, sever,active, predominantly
| epineurial, with segmental damage to peroneal nerve
| biopsy)
| 2.  Tomographic images of the brain have been obtained. There is
mild to
| moderate relatively diffusely decreased cortical perfusion
involving the
| frontal and parietal lobes with marked involvement of the right
| posterior
| frontal-temporal region.(brain perfusion study)
| --
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