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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

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| What I left out in the preceding post [although it's implicit in
| observations that underpin my 'infamy'] is that it's been apparent,
| all along, that some folks did comprehend at least some of the
| significance of what's in AoK.
| These folks've 'just' taken NDT's understanding, while withholding
| it's stuff from the rest of Humanity, the result being death,
| destruction, and generalized Ravaging of Humanity has occurred in
| name of 'profits'.
| That I state such plainly is the biggest part of 'why' AoK is not
| being allowed Publication [and 'why' I'm being Murdered].

It sounds worst than [for the most part] it actually is.

Just remember that it's the 'blindly-automated stuff that I'm working
to eliminate - with respect to which I've been working to lift-up
folks' 'consciousnesses'.

'blind'-automation Kills, but, with respect to it, all that's
necessary is the elimination of the 'blindness'.

This's what I've been doing all along.

With respect to such, it's necessary, every once in a while, to
state, plainly, the rationale that underpins the doing of the work
that's inherent - to give folks reason to comprehend how nervous
systems do, in fact, process information.

That's what I'm doing when I use the "M" word.

I do so on behalf of the Kid on the street to whom no one will give a
chance, in order that folks'll lose their 'blindness' with respect to
the reality that it is through their not taking action on that Kid's
behalf that the Kid cannot find his way - with respect to the fact
that there's no way around doing the work on behalf of that Kid -
Society pays with respect to him one way or the other.

It's a great 'blindness' that 'excuses' itself from doing the work
inherent in giving the Kid a hand-up, only to "sow the seeds of its
own wearing of chains" with respect to the ramifications of the Kid's
Adult burden upon Society [and the loss of his productivity to

So, yes, I've been working to eliminate the 'blindness'.

The route to understanding follows a 'curved path'. The "M" word is
'reality-check' stuff, along the way.

You'll understand when you've 'made it 'round the bend'.

K. P. Collins

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