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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

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Thu Apr 17 14:28:36 EST 2003

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| Hi Dag. Thanks for your generous comments. I'll discuss, from my
| perspective, below.
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| | [...]
| | Did they turn it down at once, or have it reviewed?
| To my knowledge, AoK has never been formally reviewed. When I sent
| out to "Scientific American", and it was back in my hands in three
| days, that just 'broke' me with respect to seeking further
| publication. AoK was written in a way that Honors both the Freeman
| Company [then, the owners of "SA", and "SA" itself - I incorporated
| many refs to "SA" deliberately because "SA" was, then, available at
| local Libraries across the U.S., with the express purpose of making
| AoK accessible to all readers.]
| So, when "SA" retrurned the ms. [twice] in three days, I knew that
| it'd just been turned around in the mailroom by some clerk who'd
| obviously been 'instructed' to 'reject' anything that didn't have a
| 'fancy' address attached to it, so I just decided to shift into the
| 'strategy' that folks here in b.n have witnessed.
| [...]


I did not seek to get AoK published in "SA". In the cover letter I
briefly explained that AoK contained the resolution of the problem of
decussation, that that constitutes a "Rosetta Stone" with respect to
the entirety of the nervous system and its functioning, and pointed
out that, since "SA" does its reports in a highly-graphical fashion
that it is the perfect venue through which to present NDT's
break-through with respect to the hows and whys of decussation.

The stuff I sent to "SA" was, thuus, a proposal for an article that
would have been much more delimited with respect to AoK - a
straight-forward graphical representation of the "special topological
homeomorphism" - of the neural Topology that orders everything within
nervous systems - of this "Rosetta Stone" stuff - with relatively
brief explanatory discussion.

I explained that I'd be glad to work with "SA"'s Illustrators - to
help them get everything right, etc.

I wasn't expecting "SA" to Publish AoK - just this relatively-small
thing, and everything was outlined in the cover letter that
accompanied my Publication proposal.

When I send stuff out, it's always specifically prepared with respect
to a working focus that's suited to the reality of the place to which
I'm sending it.

I =still= think this "SA" article treating decussation would be the
best-possible starting 'point' for subsequent publications with
respect to NDT's synthesis of Neuroscience.

I stand on it :-]

K. P. Collins

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