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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

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| Hi Dag. Thanks for your generous comments. I'll discuss, from my
| perspective, below.
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| In other words, everybody's 'waiting' for someone other
| than me to speak on behalf of the basic stuff that's
| discussed in AoK - no one will take my word for it,
| even though I routinely offer to provide folks with
| documentation in the work of the Neuroscientist
| experimentalists and show them how the
| documentation says all the same stuff that AoK says.
| My standard response is, "You don't have to
| take my word for anything."
| [...]

The 'stock market' likes the above - they see, in it, an 'excuse' for
their 'profit-seeking'.

Because, after all, if everything that's in AoK has been in the
Literature all along - and it has - why, then, is there any need for
folks to acknowledge AoK's synthesis of what's been in the Literature
all along?

Truth with respect to such has been Publicly Documented in the
"curved path to understanding", isn't it?


Foreknowledge with respect to such has been the wellspring of all of
my 'desperatateness' on behalf of the Science Community [which is all
of my 'desperateness' that does not derive in the generalized
Ravaging of Humanity against which NDT stands].

Over the decades, I've been 'begging' on behalf of Science - stuck
between my Obligation to bring forward NDT's synthesis of what was in
the Literature, and my Horror with respect to the Ramifications of
folks 'borrowing' this or that of NDT's stuff without their Honoring
what's in NDT with respect to the Suffering of Humanity.

The 'borrowing' - the ab-use - of NDT's understanding constitutes a
Crime against Humanity that'd induce any of the savage dictators
whose Crimes aganist Humanity are History 'blush'.

The ab-use that's transpired with respect to NDT's understanding is
'just' that serious.

And it's all Documented in the Geometry of the "curved path to

It's way, in a long former msg [which is Appropriate to recollect on
this Good Friday], I quoted "Dies Irae", from the ancient poem
incorporated into A. L. Weber's "Requiem".

"A written book will be brought forth
In which everything is contained
>From which the world will be judged."

In its root-word-underpinning-'modern'-language stuff The original
Latin, itself, gives Testimony to the "curved path of understanding":

"Liber scriptus proferetur
In quo totum cobtinetur
Unde mubdus judicetur."

Still, no one grasped all that's inherent in NDT.

Folks will, folks will.

Of course, I've seen my own 'fate' writ-bold in folks' Choice with
respect to NDT's understanding.

Folks'll stop at nothing to 'contort' themselves with respect to the
reality that's unfolded - and I'll be their most-universal 'target'.
When I've discussed that I'm being Murdered - when I've discussed my
'church-of-science' anologue of Galileo's 'condemnation' - it's been
my Foreknowledge with respect to all this that I've been addressing.

I saw that, in the Geometry of the "curved path to understanding",
Truth was being Writ Bold, and that there would be no 'denying' such.

I saw that there would be only attempts at such 'denial', and that
these attempts at 'denial' would becaome the Ravager of Humanity.

It's why I've discussed exceedingly-Difficult stuff - like folks'
Murdering their own Children.

It's what's happened.

=Everything= seemingly-'untoward' that I've discussed is, even now,

It was =not= my purpose to 'condemn' folks.

My purpose has always been just the opposity of "condemnation".

It's been my purpose to lift Humanity up out of the
'blindly'-automated energydynamics through which "man's inhumanity to
man" arises within nervous systems to Ravage all people, everywhere.

I have Loved folks greatly, and, Love, required me to 'hold open the
door' to folks - because I saw that folks were Victimized by 'the
beast', "Abstract Ignorance".

But then, despite my efforts, folks disclosed all that's inherent in
the "curved path to understanding" - Truth, writ bold, with respect
to which I can do nothing.

Except Forgive.

It's why AoK's Epilogue has been in-there all along.

Through the 'lens' of NDT's understanding, the Future is just that


When I long ago saw that Truth Required me to Acknowledge Jesus'
Priority, although there was Awesome-Joy inherent, I also Knew what
my own 'fate' would be in the midst of my Service to Science that
'moves away from' God.

This, 'two', is also entirely appropriate to discuss on this Good

I do not 'dispair'.

Hope for Humanity remains.

It's 'just' that, through folks' Choice, Truth will win the Hard
way - Decisions made by the 'profit-seekers' will 'prevent' any
straight-forward coming forward of NDT's understanding, even though
the need for the understanding is acceleratingly-augmenting - so,
what could've been the simple-Joy stuff of a Gift received, will,
instead, be a journey through the awesome-Travail.

[And it's 'hilarious' - even as I was writing this, the switch was

K. P. Collins

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