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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Fri Apr 18 06:37:18 EST 2003

It's 'ironic', isn't it? - that all of the Ravaging is 'moved
toward', while simple Truth that can send all of the Ravaging to
'Hell' where it belongs is 'moved away from'.

It's 'ironic', 'two', that the actions of one so 'small' and,
therefore, so inherently 'gentle', could 'induce' the 'power' that
'governs' this 'world' to so Cower even with respect to its Professed

But there it is - with respect to NDT's understanding, the only
things that're visible are 'asses' and 'elbows' :-]

Running upon the Geometry of the "curved path to understanding" -
Murdering their own Children, and all that's Innocent, where ever it
exists - just 'be-cause' it is, unlike-'self', Innocent.

It's the 'way' of 'the beast' - "Abstract Ignorance -
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization, left uncomprehended - Ravage
not-'self' because it 'blindly' and automatically induces TD E/I(up)
within the nervous systems of those who, through mere happenstance,
are 'powerful'.

Look at 'power' - all 'asses' and 'elbows' with respect to Truth -
all 'blindly'-automated, and, so, 'unable' to do anything other than
Honor Truth in the Negative.

'power' is Powerless in this 'way'.

But, it can Crush one who only endeavors to lift it up out of its

It's 'hilrious' - 'inside-out, upside-down, and backwards' -
"inverted" [AoK, Ap4].

But what it does is anything but.

K. P. Collins

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