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On Truth

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Fri Apr 18 07:08:39 EST 2003

"Gees, Ken, what a jerk you are. Now how can anybody ever acknowledge
your work?"

With only Sorrow in my 'heart', I understand.

Do you understand that there's nothing else that I can do?

If I did otherwise, what actual good would such 'accomplish'?


The only 'result' world be that, to 'save my own skin', I, 'two',
would have 'moved away from' Truth - if I did such, through my own
behavior, I'd 'sanction' 'moving away from' Truth.

I'd decalre myself to be 'insane', because 'moving away from' Truth
is Impossible.

The only thing that's Possible is to follow a "curved path" with
respect to Truth, in which the degree of 'moving away from' Truth is
rigorously inversely-correlated with 'ability' to actually do
anything other than send energy to Waste.

Knowing this stuff, I try to 'move toward' Truth via the most-direct

Folks should explore this - if you do, pay attention to the way you
become able to actually do stuff to the degree that you do, in fact,
'move toward' Truth directly [keep a private notebook, because, if
you don't, all you'll 'see' is the illusion inherent in the "curved
path" to understanding].

So, if folks Murder me because I only 'move toward' Truth, what is
there that I can do otherwise? To 'move away from' Truth is Death,
anyway, isn't it?


It's a fundamental 'point' that I've been working to get-across to
folks all along.

So, I'm not a 'jerk' :-]

It's just that I understand the Consequences inherent in one's Choice
to either 'move toward' or 'move away from' Truth.

It's no contest.

"Truth always wins, sooner or later, one way or the other." [a
Signmaker in East Hartford, CT]

It's True.

K. P. Collins

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