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On Truth

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Fri Apr 18 07:52:06 EST 2003

What am I doing in these recent posts in this thread?

Just more of what I've been doing all along. I'll explain, briefly.

he ways in which folks 'perceive' 'reality' have, since the
Beginning, derived in happenstance accumulation of
groupwise-collective accumulation of 'blindly'-automated TD

Within such, Savagery is 'accepted as truth' be-cause Savagery has
merely existed within experience since the Beginning.

TD E/I-minimization occurred with respect to such, which instantiated
"biological mass" and "behavioral inertia" which, further, induced
folks to hand-down the 'perception of truth' with respect to Savagery
to their Children [such is =literally= eoersed upon the Children via
nothing more than 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization].

What I'm doing is working to break through the False finitization
[AoK, Ap4] inherent, in any way that I can think of.

I'm Living 'on the other side' of the "zone of randomness" with
respect to all that's entailed, trying to give folks reason through
which they can comprehend the =Huge= False finitization that's been
handed-down intergenerationally since the Beginning for =no= reason
other than that doing so correlates with 'blindly'-automated TD

I'm trying to show folks that, while they acquiese within such, they
are 'doomed' to behaving in accord with the dictates of
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization - and that such relegates
them to a sub-Human form of 'existence'.

I understand that all of this is 'difficult' - but it's necessary.

And, if I'm going to 'End' soon, then, I've got to do what remains to
be done without 'worrying' about what will happen to 'me' [if it's
clear that I'm being Murdered, and it is, what, then, do I have to
'woory' about? :-]

So, I'm back into doing 'difficult' stuff.

It's my Analysis that there's Hope that whoever it is who actually
receives these 'difficult' posts is close to getting-it.

At least in that way, the end of the beginning is near :-]

K. P. Collins

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