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On Truth

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Fri Apr 18 08:15:20 EST 2003

You know? - "Still it moves."

'human nature' is not "at rest" - it "moves" in accord with that
which Humans actually do.

The 'Hard' part is in actually =doing= stuff that's never been done
before - because it's =always= correlated to relatively-inderased TD
E/I which 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization tends, strongly, to
experience as 'being' subjectively 'bad'.

There's no way around it - I've just got to take folks
'blindly'-automated 'moving away from' on the chin - because I
understand how and why it all happens.

But, good gosh! I doubt there's anything that can 'hurt' as much as
being 'moved away from' because one Loves folks enough to do the work
inherent in 'rescuing' them from that which Ravages them.

It's like a 'living death' because, over the short term, It requires
one to 'run into the fire'.

I just wish the 'short-term' weren't so long.

Such tries one's endurance.

Anyway, try to deal with the stuff I'm discussing in these posts in
the =abstract=.

You know - let yourself 'float up above' your 'self' while
considering the stuff of these msgs.

>From that 'distance', strive to see the way 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization dictates Savagery upon Humanity.

It's been Ignorance with respect to such that has been 'The Enemy' -
not other folks - not 'me'.

Do the work inherent in understanding how, if folks experience
relatively-mutually-exclusive stuff then, "of course", their nervous
systems will 'blindly' and automatically achieve TD E/I-minimization
in ways that'll tend to 'blindly' and automatically induce TD E/I(up)
within their nervous systems to the degree that they interact.

It's been the 'blindly'-automated stuff that Kills and, otherwise,
Ravages Humanity.

You know?

It's =SIMPLE= [but, because it arises 'seamlessly' within the
mechanisms through which we 'perceive' [within our nervous systems],
it's 'Difficult' to perceive the Simplicity, see?

Please work to See.

You know? - Wake up! from your 'blindness', and help the next person
to do the same.


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