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Hodgkin-Huxley equations

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Fri Apr 18 08:52:29 EST 2003

With respect to AoK [NDT] the most-significant thing is that it
rewrites virtually everything.

And that means that any 'partial' communication is insufficient -
that is, anything within NDT needs the rest of NDT as a prerequisite
of its comprehension. It's this way because, within NDT, each thing
exists in tightly-integrated 'conjunction' with the rest of what's in
NDT. This's what I refer to when I assert that, with respect to AoK
[NDT] the most-significant thing is that it rewrites virtually

It's been discussed at the beginning of AoK, Ap5 all along.
[~"Neuroscientific Duality Theory redefines the functionality of
every major nuclear group that exists within the CNS."

The most-significant thing that's stood in the way of AoK's being
Published is that, in order to comprehend all the redefinitions of
stuff that're given in AoK [in NDT], one must comprehend all of NDT -
else one cannot see the veracity of this or that stuff that's
redefined in NDT.

This means that I can submit no 'short papers' [although I =tried= to
do so in AoK's "Short Paper" section [providing the accompanying
appedices for folks who wanted to delve further into what underpins
all that's stated in the "Short Paper" section.]

So, if I cannot submit any paper of 'normal' length, and AoK is 'too
kong' for folks to deal with, what's left?

To come online and hammer on it all - 'interminably' - until folks
get it.

Then, after folks get it, my 'usefulness' has been expended, and
folks find it 'convenient' to be 'without me' :-]

It's why Love was the most-important wellspring-thing, see?

As the Country Music Song says, "Love doesn't count the costs."

The rest of what I do is just 'heavy-lifting' stuff - endeavoring to
give folks a bit of TD E/I(up), but not 'two'-much, so that they can
keep on 'climbing' to their own understanding.

I ain't hangin' my head. The problem was 'Difficult'. The need was
Great. I did what had to be done, and am still doing such.

"So shoot me" for Loving 'you' in this way :-]


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