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Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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Fri Apr 18 16:36:50 EST 2003

More info:

"Neighbors of Iraq Express Concern Over U.S. Intentions", By SARAH KERSHAW

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  "When Freedom Leads to Anarchy", By DAVID K. SHIPLER


  "Zone of randomness" [ZoR] and "inversion" [AoK, Ap4, 7, & 8].

  There's one subtle thing that the Author misses with respect to the ZoR energydynamics that're unfolding in Iraq: the =gross= direction inherent in the 'randomness' is as a 'caricature' of 'Western' stuff deriving in the prejudiced protrayal of 'Western' stuff that's long circulated on the q.t. amongst the Iraqi [and other Arab] Citizenry.

  Even now, "behavioral inertia" that is 'negative' with respect to 'the West' is gaining its first impetus in the =gross= directionality that had existed previously - it's an 'interesting' set of energydynamics 'precipitating' out of the shattering of what was.

  [The major energydynamic is the "release from constraint" case of "inversion" that's discussed [along with the three other general cases of "inversion] in AoK, Ap4.]

  There's no 'excuse' for the absence of planning with respect to these ZoR and "inversion" energydynamics. [I've been to the F.B.I 11 'times', but they've 'only' "sown the seeds of [our] own wearing of chains" [Lincoln; "wearing of chains" = the costs inherent is having to deal with the Consequences of having 'moved away from' Truth. The way things're going, the "chains" will be on the U. S. Citizenry for generations to come.]

  In the moment of Truth, the 'batter' stepped up to the plate, ignored his hitting coach, and struck out, costing The Team the Game.

  The coach is 'stunned' - lingering on the field, slowly shaking his head from side to side, "I don't believe it", he says over and over again.

  K. P. Collins
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