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Fri Apr 18 18:28:04 EST 2003

While I'm doing 'difficult' stuff, here's a little more...

To be thorough, it's necessary to wstablish a =detailed= History that
cross-correlates any instance of a 'new virus', such as the mutated
virus that's been deemed responsible for SARS, and
genetically-engineered stuff, including foodstuffs.

I've discussed, in long-former posts, the underpinning rationale for
doing such, reiterating the main thing recently - evolutionary
dynamics occur in a way that's Determined by WDB2T - introducing
modified 3-D energy-gradients into the evolutionary mix can,
potentially, alter evolutions relationship with WDB2T in
unanticipated ways.

There has to be an explanation for the appearances of both HIV and
SARS. Maybe that 'explanation' is just that the molecular techniques
that enables the recognition that 'new viruses' have, in fact, shown
up were not formerly available, and that it's not actually anything

But that position does not explain the deadliness of HIV and SARS,
which is easily recognized, and which, if this sort of thing 'has
been happening all along, but gone unrecognized', such still doesn't
explain the easily-observed 'new' deadliness of these 'new viruses'.

So thoroughness with respect to such deadly stuff requires the
establishment of Histories that cross-correlate the 'new viruses' and
genetically-engineered stuff, looking for 'coincidences'.

The larger rationale is as I've discussed in long-former msgs -
evolutionary dynamics occur over eons during which everything is
Tested, flushed-clean, etc., before it can go forward evolutionarily.

But genetic-engineered stuff is inherently 'free' of such eons-long

The hypothesis that has to be explored is, "Are there any 'time'
coincidences between the arrivals of these 'new viruses' and the
loosing of bio-engineered stuff within the environments in which the
'new viruses' arise?"

It's just common sense to leave no stones unturned when matters turn

The thought is that it might be that a bio-engineered thing can exert
a non-evolutionarily-compatible 3-D energy-gradient within 'normal',
eons-tested, Life, and that such triggers accelerated viral mutation.

I see nothing, in principle, that 'outlaws' this possibility.

[The same thing can, of course, result from relatively-new
chemofactors, or even through the augmenting degree of
inter-genetic-pool mixing that derives in 'globalization'. All such
factors need to be examined in detailed ways. This sort of thing can
be implemented for the long term via computerized methods which, as
the data builds will, itself, become a Standardized way of doing
Biology in which questions of evolutionary relavance gradually become
increasingly refined, analyzed, and reified.]

It's unacceptable to just say, "Of course, our fiddling with the
stuff of evolution's eons of testing is safe."

The question is, "of course", entirely open.

K. P. Collins

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