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In vivo veritas? (was: Re: Electric Field Effects in the Brain?)

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Sun Apr 20 14:14:42 EST 2003

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| | [...]
| Since you brought up Coulomb forces, I disagree
| with your stated position - not with respect to any
| individual ion, but because there're g'zillions of ions
| in-there, every one of them 'bowing-in-homage' to
| the 3-D neural Topology, to TD E/I-minimization,
| to WDB2T ^ -1. The result is a group-disciplined
| collective Coulomb force that is commensurate
| with the 'momentary' energy 'consumption' that's
| occurring globally within the brain - the
| net ionic flow is of-a-piece, globally.

Be-cause of globally-active TD E/I-minimization within the nervous
system, there's awesome 'directedness' within this

Why, then, have Exprimentors not been able to 'get a handle' on this
"awesome 'directedness`"?

It's Simple. It's what I've been discussing in the entirety of my
participation in this thread - to date, the globally-applied
'scanning' techniques have been, themselves, oblivious to the the 3-D
neural Topology - they don't 'hook-up with it, so they don't even See

Oh, they 'see' it, but only in a 'blindly'-automated way that
'overlooks' almost everything that's in-there [the dynamic

That's the 'bad news'.

The 'good news' is that, through secondary [tertiary, ...] computer
analysis that extracts and 'reconstructs' TD E/I-minimization the 3-D
neural Topology, much Progress can be made using the data that's been
produced within existing scans - "SfMRI" -
"Super-functional-Magnetic-Resonance-Imaging" :-] [the data is
archived, no? If not, that's Unacceptable [Foolish] Waste, and, with
proper Privacy protection, all scan data should be archived for
posterity, for the purpose of Neuroscience's going forward to reify
the Biology that underpins Human Behavior.]

If folks can't see how to accomplish this 'secondary+' computer
analysis, I'll be glad to explain all that's necessary. [I already
have, over and over again, but folks don't seem to get it, which is
why I've 'moved toward' in-person presentation opportunities - it's
my way - "run to the fire", 'cause that's the best way to 'calm the
flames', no? Yup..]

| | [...]

| | The most important aspect here is the number
| | of relevant variables compared to the number
| | of total variables.

| There's actually only one Variable: TD E/I [all
| of the neural Topology is in the "TD"
| [Topologically-Distributed], and so is all of
| the 3-D neural Topology's energy-constraining
| action]. I don't know if anyone else can see this,
| but I see it of-a-piece - 'just' relative TD E/I -
| just the one 'thing' [which reduces further to
| WDB2T ^ -1].
| Of course, depending on locus within the 3-D
| neural Topology, the one thing is 'addressing'
| different functionality, but as TD E/I-minimization
| occurs, everything, regardless of locus within the
| 3-D neural Topology becomes, increasingly,
| of-a-piece.
| Such reflects the fact that global integration
| is a prerequisite of 'consciousness'. [To the
| degree that such single-variable of-a-piece-
| ness is absent, 'consciousness' does not, and
| cannot, exist [this stuff is treated in AoK, Ap4's
| discussion of the "zone of randomness" [ZoR]
| - 'within' the ZoR, 'consciousness' is
| extremely-'blindly'-automated ["blind rage", etc.]
| It seems folks have 'difficulty' with this TD E/I
| single-variable-ness, but it's absolutely necessary if
| 'consciousness' is to have any existence. It's
| one of the brain's Great-Wonders - the brain does
| not do Maths via 'counting' methods, which are
| 'just' mental constructs used by man to organize
| the doing of external Maths - converged upon
| via TD E/I-minimization, handed-down and
| augmented in precision and scope, over the
| course of the millenia, Professor to Student.
| But the brain doesn't do Maths via counting
| methods. It 'blindly' and automatically 'strives'
| to achieve the one thing, TD E/I-minimization,
| and the 'answer' is converged upon to the
| degree that TD E/I is, in fact, minimized -
| it's not a 'wimpy' form of Maths. Be-cause of
| the way that TD E/I-minimization is rigorously
| coupled to WDB2T, nervous systems can
| literally =Know Truth= with respect to physical
| reality.
| [...]

By 'chance', this Easter Morning, I had an interesting experience
that will help folks get a handle on this single-variable 3-D
neuro-topological energydynamics Maths that nervous systems do.

I've been busy and 'beleagured' for a while now, so when I've been to
Church this past week, I've repeatedly forgotten to pick up a Mass
Bulletin - and, since it's relatively-common that Mass schedules are
at special 'hours' on Easter Sunday, I was not sure at what 'hour' I
should go to attend Easter Mass this morning.

So I picked a Parish, and went there to sit in my car to wait for the
Church parking lot to fill up, knowing that when it did, such would
coincide with the 'hour' of the Mass.

It worked ["of course"], but, as the parking lot filled up, I saw
that what was happening was an excellent analogue for what happens
within the 3-D neural-topologically-distributed energydynamics.

As the lot filled up, the cars came from all directions, but the
'goal' inherent within such coming-from-all-directions-ness [its
"group discipline"] gradually became vividly clear.

There was directedness within directedness [a compound
'energy-gradient'] - I parked in a far-away spot, and it turned out
that, as I watched, I could literally see the compound
'energy-gradient' building.

First, there was the Church-parking-lot 'Goal', and, within it, there
was the secondary 'goal' with respect to parking close to an entrance
of the Church - so the lot filled up from those Church-door-proximal
loci, outward. [The close-parking, itslef, is optimized anti-WDB2T
stuff :-]

My 'point' is that even one who didn't know what was to transpire
within the confines of the Church, could understand the
information-content inherent in these energydynamics - by 'reading'
their inherent 'directedness' - by 'reading' the group discipline
inherent in the cars' motions ["of course" steered by nervous systems
'seeking' to achieve TD E/I-minimization].

Anyway, the stuff of this car=motion-directionality-'reading' is
analogous to how the nervous system calculates the one variable stuff
of the TD E/I-minimization Maths that the nervous system does within
the 3-D neural Topology.

The nervous system doesn't 'worry' about the g'zillions of
'variables' with which folks in Science 'typically' concern
themselves. It calculates via TD E/I-minimization within the 3-D
neural Topology, and, only after TD E/I-minimization has occurred to
a significant degree, does the nervous system, via 'just' more TD
E/I-minimization, construct verbal-symbolic 'language'-interface
stuff 'on top of' the underpinning TD E/I-minimized activation
'state' that had been converged upon.

Where're all the g'zillions of 'variables' that folks 'worry' about?

They're all taken care of by the way the neural Topology 'maps'
external physical reality within the internal physical reality. [I've
been over all of this 'mapping' many times in former posts.] All of
the 'variables' occur in the form of particular 3-D
neuro-topologically-mapped energydynamics that are reduced by the
functioning of the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms [see all of AoK,
and, in particular, Ap 5 & 7] to TD E/I-minimization's single
topologically-distributed variable. Within such, the divergence of
any abstractly-'isolated' 'variable' from experientially-'defined'
'truth' [which is not necessarily Truth, but which to the degree that
universally-relevant TD E/I-minimization is, in fact, achieved,
=is=Truth [be-cause of the way that TD E/I-minimization is rigorously
coupled to WDB2T]] instantiates a correlated TD E/I(up) with respect
to which the nervous system "reconfigures" itself [see "supersystem
configuration"; AoK, Ap5], and goes right on converging upon
long-term global TD E/I-minimization. Thus, the g'zillions of
'variables' are not only reduced to the single TD E/I variable, their
seamless integration is also simultaneously converged upon :-]

This's how nervous systems do Maths [and everything else that occurs
within them].

Everything that's been traditionally referred to as 'constituting
Mathematics' is 'just' the stuff of another 'language' interface that
is converged upon via accumulated TD E/I-minimization experience in
efforts to describe the functioning of the TD E/I-minimization
mechanisms without knowledge of the TD E/I-minimization mechanisms'
existence. [The stuff of AoK, Ap6 is of particular relevance to this
Maths discussion, providing some additional not-so-obvious details.]

Within nervous systems, it's all this same-stuff, from single 'ions',
'atoms', and 'molecules', to the supersystem as a whole.

It's not 'magic', but it is the most-Awesomely-Beuatiful stuff that
exists within known physical reality.

ken [K. P. Collins]

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