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The Neural Topology

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Mon Apr 21 10:58:19 EST 2003

It's as I've discussed repeatedly in the past. What nervous systems do is achieve the "Automation of Knowing" [the "A.o.K." in "AoK"] by 'blindly' and automatically cross-correlating the nervous systems internal energy-flow with the energy-flow within external experiential environment - by, Simply, 'striving' to achieve TD E/I-minimization.

In order to work toward this single 'goal', the internal energy-flow must be turned 'outside-in, upside-down, and backwards' so that it is rigorously aligned with the overall energy-gradient within the external energy-flow - which is WDB2T - which is the only universally-consistent stuff that exists within physical reality - which is why evolutionary dynamics have 'engineered' nervous systems in the way that they have, which is solely with respect to WDB2T.

What all nervous systems [from phylogenitically most-primitive to phylogenetically most-advanced] are are more or less capable 3-D energy-flow 'sensors' and energy-flow 'pumps'

That is, everything within all of the constituent elements of the neural Topology [neurons, glia, relatively-'static' molecular ["biological mass"], relatively-dynamic ionic conductances, 'bridging' metabolic dynamics, etc.] exist and functions solely with respect to 'sensing' internal WDB2T as it 'reflects' external WDB2T.

We are literally One with the Universal energy-flow. When we experience physical reality, physical reality is literally coursing right through us.

Every microscopic thing of the neural tissue is 'engineered' solely with respect to interacting with this energy-flow. The synaptic structure instantiates the capability to 'climb' the internal 'reflection' of external WDB2T, but that's only a relatively-small part of what nervous systems do.

The vast majority of what's in nervous systems is devoted to the resolution of the 'problem' of 'gloming-onto' ['sensing'; "Recognizing'] the internal 'reflection' of external WDB2T.

Nervous systems are, Fundamentally, energy-flow 'meters' and, 'secondarily' [in physical-functional scope] 'engines' which empower behavioral 'climbing' of the external WDB2T energy-gradient[s].

Nervous systems do the latter - the 'climbing' of the external WDB2T energy-gradient[s] - via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization do [within the more-comprehensive version of the same-stuff that all of Life does - each organ within an organism is 'engineered' with respect to it's specific contributions to the one overall 'goal' of 'climbing' the external WDB2T energy-gradient[s] - each organ has its analogue of 'TD E/I-minimization' - each organ is best described through the explication of such 'TD E/I-minimization' analogues - a 'TD E/I-minimization' analogue is 'just' the local-to-an-organ physical-structural 'strategy' for the organ's contributing to an organism's 'climbing' of external the WDB2T energy-flow - for the organ's achieving WDB2T ^ -1 within the rest of the organism's achieving WDB2T ^ -1].

Within all of this, the WDB2T energy-flow is continuous.

What's so Awesome about nervous systems is how their inherent neural Topology enables them to constrain energy's freedom to move [it's "ephemerance" [coined from "ephemeral"]] - to 'turn' the WDB2T energy flow 'outside-in' so that it can be effectively 'read', and actied-upon via Simple TD E/I-minimization - all in a rigorously-ordered way that resolves the 'problem' of nervous systems being 'on the inside, looking out' upon the external WDB2T energy-flow.

Our nervous systems literally enable us to be One with Universal WDB2T.


Every element of the neural tissue is 'engineered' in specific respect to doing all of this with respect to external WDB2T.

The synaptic structure and functioning are 'only' a relatively-small portions of this 'engineering'.

The primary thing is 'catching' the energy-flow as it courses right through us.

That our nervous systems are so inherently Capable of doing exactly this is their True-Wonder stuff.

Anyway, resolution of the "Poincaré Conjecture" has been in-there - within the evolutionarily-'engineered' structure of our nervous systems - all along [and in AoK, all along, to boot :-]

But it's in the continuous energy-flow, itself, not the structural 'skelleton'. The neural Topology 'skelleton' "corrals infinity" as it constrains the energy-flow that courses right through us.

K. P. Collins
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  [I don't care if anyone understands what's in this post. It's difficult, and combines both NDT and TH. I've just gotta post it because it's the only thing to do in the face of repeated 'hart'-breaking-ness.]
  "A World of Doughnuts and Spheres", By GEORGE JOHNSON


  Quoting from the New York Times Article:

  "proof of the Poincaré Conjecture"

  "The topological cookbook does not permit tearing an object or joining two unconnected points."

  "Just as an ordinary sphere is a two-dimensional surface curving to form an enclosed object in three-dimensional space, a 3-sphere is a three-dimensional surface curving in on itself in four dimensions."


  The resolution of all things Topological, including the Poincaré Conjecture, has been in AoK all along [AoK, "Short Paper" section: "The brain is a topologist's playground." :-]

  What's that 'you' say? "How can that be? 'Tearing' and 'joining" occur within the nervous system when old connections are broken or new ones established. Because of this, the nervous system isn't even 'topological`."

  'You' say?

  And that 'makes it so'? :-]

  'You' are mistaken.

  The "special topological homeomorphism of central nervous systems" is the resolution of the Poincaré Conjecture that's been in AoK ["Short Paper", and Ap3, where the Proof is given [and declared [although I, then, knew nothing of the formalized Poincaré Conjecture :-]]

  'Your' 'objections' ['imagined' by me, above] are mistaken because the neural architecture [neurons, glia, blood vessels, and their molecular 'components'] are analogous to the statements of a conventional Maths proof. They are the embodiment of the proof - the 'skeleton' on which the actual thing is 'hung'.
  What's the actual thing?

  The energy-flow through which external WDB2T is 'mapped' to 'turned-outside-in' internal WDB2T to implement the "automation of knowing" via simple TD E/I-minimization.

  It's be-cause the actual thing is the energy-flow that only three dimensions are necessary to accomplish what's supposedly '4-D', and why there's no 'tearing' or 'joining' in-there - the energy-flow is everywhere continuous. The only circumstance in which the "special topological homeomorphism" 'breaks down' is when organic damage occurs within a nervous system. Then, energy-flow is still continuous, but the internal energy-flow is no longer rigorously mapped with respect to the external energy-flow.

  You know?

  The actualization of rigorous external-to-internal WDB2T coupling via Simple TD E/I-minimization "ain't hay".

  No matter how many folks, mistakenly, 'say' that it's 'hay' [or that into which hay is transformed in bovine species :-]

  "Fermat", "Poincaré", the 'atom', 'atomic' refraction, continuous universal energy-flow, "decussation", curiosity, creativity, volition, 'conscience', behavioral inversion, biological mass. behavioral inertia, 'Love', 'Hate', 'language', neuro-Maths, Prejudice, etc. - same-old, same-old - Rodney Dangerfield and me "get no respect" :-]

  K. P. Collins

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