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I've got ~nine days left as of today 2003-04-21

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Mon Apr 21 11:20:54 EST 2003

"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| [...]
| Dad's way, and my way, is to 'become steeled'
| in the midst of such - hence, my recent 'bearing'
| in the NG.
| [...]

It's why having to incessantly 'beg' is so =Hard= for me - I Learned
from Dad to just do what needs to be done - I Learned such at his
side in his cellar workshop, where I studies the way he could make
almost anything out of almost nothing - I learned the Worth of stuff
from the way he handled this or that piece of discarded 'scrap' sood
as if it were some vast Treasure - and, to him, it was, for he could
see, in-it, the stuff of Dreams come True - if only he did with it
what needed to be done to bridge between it's crude 'scrappiness' and
the elegance of his Dreams.

It's 'funny' though - Dad never 'begged'. He just "grabbged the bull
by the horns", and through mighty effort, 'wrestled it to the

I'm the same way.

Which is why my having to 'beg' incessantly is so Hard.

It's why it's so 'hilarious' that the 'scrap' stuff that I took up,
through which to fashion my version of Dad's was of making Dreams
come True, is so completely-dependent upon the 'whims' of others than

Thanks for the Schooling in these important matters, Dad.

I Understand, now.

Love, ken

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