Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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"Supreme Court to Review Disputed '80 Murder Conviction", By DAVID STOUT


Quoting from the New York Times Article:

"WASHINGTON, April 21 - Less than six weeks ago, Delma Banks Jr. came within minutes of being executed in Texas. Today, the Supreme Court agreed to hear his case, one of the most closely watched death penalty issues in years."

I Celebrate the Courage of all involved.

Thank You for the Work you will do in the service of Truth.

K. P. Collins

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  "Texas Death Row Inmate Gets a Last-Minute Stay", By PETER T. KILBORN

  Good for all involved who've Courage to do the work that 'moving toward' Truth demands.

  You folks breathe Life into The Constitution - into our Humanness - Good for you!
  K. P. Collins
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    "Countdown to Execution No. 300", By BOB HERBERT

    "Mr. Banks, a man with no prior criminal record, is most likely innocent of the charge that put him on death row. Fearing a tragic miscarriage of justice, three former federal judges (including William Sessions, a former director of the F.B.I.) have urged the U.S. Supreme Court to block Wednesday's execution."

    [Quote © 2003, by The New York Times.]

    It cannot be that the necessary work is left undone in matters of Life and Death. That 'way' don't cut-it.

    K. P. Collins
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