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Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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Tue Apr 22 11:57:36 EST 2003

"Jobs, Jobs, Jobs", By PAUL KRUGMAN


I agree with the Author's Analysis [not only because I can't find employment :-]

The Administration's tax-cut 'plan' is exactly the Wrong thing to do because it sends the message to the Citizenry that, "Good grief! The sky is falling!" - because there's this 'nebulous' condition from which we must 'run' if we're to be able to carry-on as usual.

The directionality of the msg is "inverted" [AoK, Ap4] with respect to what's actually necessary.

The American People are always willing to 'roll up their sleves' and get to work, but, first, Leadership has to set the agenda for the work that is to be accomplished.

What's necessary is to get folks to work, so their incomes can spread into the far reaches of the Economy - but this tax-cut 'plan' is doing 'just' the opposite of all that.

Tax cuts ain't gonna do this.

Tax cuts only do the one thing - communicate to folks that 'leadership; thinks "the sky is falling".

And folks follow the 'lead' of 'leadership', so instead of 'rolling up their sleves' and getting to work, folks 'cringe' in 'passivity' while waiting for 'the plan' to actually work.

But how can 'waiting' actually accomplish anything? :-]

It can't.

All 'waiting' soes is wait.

And, while folks 'wait', all that's been built-up within the Economy flows through the cracks left where folks' working would, oterwise, contain and bolster the Economy.

I Agree with the Author's Analysis.

To hell with "tax cuts" - use the $ that's be invested in 'waiting' to get folks to work!

K. P. Collins

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