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On 'Rendering Useless'

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Wed Apr 23 02:25:50 EST 2003

I understand that folks probably don't understand what, in the
context of the previous post, 'moving away from' "rendering useless"

It takes the form of literally being 'unable' to think the thought
that's being 'moved away from'.

It's a 'normal'-consciousness version of the 'obliviousness' that's
said to descend upon nervous systems when they are in the midst of
mortal events.

When folks try to think the "rendering-useless" thought - try to
resist 'moving away from it - their nervous systems just 'come up

After realizing this problem exists, the way I got around it was by,
quite-forcefully, broadening the scope of my experience - pushing
myself hard to explore WDB2T as wide-rangingly as I could endure

It's why I cannot go for a quiet walk without, literally, discovering
earth-shaking newness [folks're welcome to put this claim to the
test - come, let's go for a walk together - bring the problem of your
choice for us to 'munch on]. Or, just come along in silence. You'll
see, either way. You won't understand it all, but if you write it
down, and resolve to think about it, you'll get it. My Life is a
'flood' like this - it's like you reach a certain 'point' in
'pushing' to explore WDB2T widely, and all the 'walls' just come
crashing down, and you can see forever.

It's like experiencing 'childhood' from every possible different
perspective, and gathering everything into one's being, and carrying
it forward, of a piece.

It's no 'big deal'/ I think anybody can do it. Just takes work.

If folks've been 'scratching their heads' with respect to the stuff
I've been discussing, it's because my experience is
vastly-comprehensive [forgive me, please], so my nervous system does
not 'move away from' the thought.

I went to bed tonight, but couldn't sleep. This stuff was 'troubling'

I've been getting ready to 'go away', but it's 'hilarious' - folks
cannot think the thought, can folks?

You really can't, can you?

You're not being 'nasty'? You just can't think the thought?

I post all of this stuff, and you can't see what's in-it?

Is it so?

If no one will help me find room & board somewhere, then It's too
late for me to do anything about that - and that gives me Sorrow,
because I Know what's 'coming 'round the bend' in Humanity's future.

Folks will've wanted to be able to think NDT's thought. [And, when I
talk like this, it's =not= because of anything that I will do. As far
as I can tell, I'm going to be dead, imprisoned, or whatever, in a
couple of weeks. I've got more important things to 'worry' about than
'scheming' to hurt folks. And why would one who's given his entire
adult Life to working lift folks up out of the grasp of 'the beast',
then want to do anything that'd hurt folks. When I talk about things
that're going to unfold, it with respect to the stuff of 'the beast',
left out-there, uncomprehended and therefore, uncontrolled. And, yes,
Part of why I do speak of this or that that's coming is that I've
been aware for a long 'time', now, that folks who're 'beating me into
dust', nevertheless, do listen, and take action with respect to the
stuff I point out to them. The stuff I'm pointing to, now, is the
stuff I've repeatedly pointed to in the recent past WMD +
accelerated-'globalization' - only, now, it's all getting an
overall-accelerating 'boost' by our 'adventure' in Iraq. So, I'm
giving them a 'heads-up' in the only way I can.]

Anyway, folks actually haven't been following the stuff I've been

I'm about 'done'. Not 'done' that way. I still haven't made it to the
10% 'point'. And folks can't understand what I'm saying at that
level? I at least have to 'go through the motions' with respect to
trying to stay alive.

So I've got to use the little I've left in that way.

You know, if I'd not Lived through all of this, I'd've not believed
it to be possible.

But there it is. There it is.

Next time someone like me comes along, do the work to explore widely
enough to at least understand what he's saying, no?

All it takes is ranging widely enough with respect to WDB2T.

But folks don't understand what that means, either?

It's 'hilarious'.

"Who's on first?"


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