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Alzheimer's protein jams mitochondria of affected cells; resulting 'energy crisis' kills neurons

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Wed Apr 23 10:00:04 EST 2003

Hi Peter.

"Peter F" <fell_spamtrap_in at ozemail.com.au> wrote in message
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| These days it has become fair to speculate that the histone code,
| its interfacing with 'nasty' environmental influences, may be part
of how
| how the expression of genes (DNA codes) are skewed so as to produce
| Alzeimer's.
| E.g. it is possible that different life-time experiences caused
*only one*
| of elderly Swedish _identical_ twins to be afflicted by Alz..
| As seen in a TV program about twin research. Hence it must be true
| ["Imprinting" (that specific experiences or environmental
| plausibly even had/received by "pre-puberty potential parents", can
| influence the "health (and perhaps also personality) profile" of
| descendants (at least immediate descendants), by causing specific
changes to
| the histone code) can of course be almost surely discounted in that
| P

Nothing deriving in experience can be 'discounted' - experience
reaches right into nervous systems and impacts their courses.

I've discussed it before, but I';; recount it again:

When I was Young, I was gaving dinner in a fast-food place, A mother
came in with her two daughters. The mother and one of the daughters
were elegantly decked-out, but the other daughter was 'disheveled'.

All through the 'time' of my 'meal', the mother was 'guietly' ranting
at the disheveled daughter, and here sister was just beaming.

To this day, I wish I'd called the Authorities right then and there.

I did not because I'd already Learned that 'calling the Authorities'
would've been futile - I'd've only set the little girl up for more

So I guess I actually wish I'd taken some stronger 'action' - right
in the face of that Truely-Wretched woman.

My 'point'?

Sisters of the same 'mother' [I don't know re 'twin-ship', but don't
recall thinking it possible - perhaps it was - if the disheveled
daughter's meal times were always like what I'd witnessed, there'd
surely be little or no great 'reseblance'] - anyway, sisters of the
same mother - undergoing horrifically-differential-ed =experience=.

Their nervous systems - one 'elegant' and beaming - the other
disheveled and 'crushed'.

And You want me to "discount' the impact of experience?

Yeah, sure.

Science just needs to lift it's head from the microscope - the stuff
I discuss cannot be missed - if folks just Live with their eyes open.

Now, whether the disheveled Girl is, now [~ 29 years later], on her
way to succumbing to Alzheimers, while her sister is living in a
mansion somewhere, I cannot even surmise - All that was obvious to
me, back then, was that I was witnessing a living-Murder.

Experience matters, Peter - and Science hasn't even begun to look at
how it matters.

I'm so 'tired' of 'pat answers' - when it's obvious to me that
folks've not even looked, yet.

Cheers, Peter, ken

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