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On 'Rendering Useless'

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Wed Apr 23 22:22:52 EST 2003

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| I understand that folks probably don't understand what, in the
| context of the previous post, 'moving away from' "rendering
| entails.
| It takes the form of literally being 'unable' to think the thought
| that's being 'moved away from'.
| It's a 'normal'-consciousness version of the 'obliviousness' that's
| said to descend upon nervous systems when they are in the midst of
| mortal events.
| When folks try to think the "rendering-useless" thought - try to
| resist 'moving away from it - their nervous systems just 'come up
| blank'.
| [...]

I didn't adequately explain how the stuff above happens.

It happens be-cause, during the course of experience, "prefrontal
constellations" [AoK, Ap7] develop which incorporate the long-term TD
E/I-minimization differentials that enable 'smoothe' conformity with
respect to 'coersed consensus' stuff.

"long-term TD E/I-minimization differentials"?

These are discussed in AoK, Ap7, but I'd not yet given them their own
name at the 'time' of AoK's writing. These "differentials" constitute
solutions to the problem that arises because the elements
incorporated in a TD E/I-minimized "prefrontal constellation" are
each  converged upon along a hierarchy that runs from complete
independence to complete synergism.

"Prefrontal constellations" develop via longest-term TD
E/I-minimization, and are both extraordinarily flexible and powerful.

Their flexibility and power derive in the way that they dynamically
incorporate both TD E/I(down) and TD E/I(up) ['moving toward' and
'moving away from'] "differentials".

Think of the differential's values as constituting a 3-D 'surface'
that that 'tunes' the relationship between 3-D input and ourpur

The problem is, given the conformation of the 3-D input surface, how
does the "differential" 3-D 'bridge' 'surface' have to be 'tuned' so
that the 'appropriate' conformation will be set in the 3-D output
'surface'? [So that the 'appropriate' behavior will be by-produced?]

The answer is in the differentials, and the way that they are
converged upon via TD E/I-minimization, which is in AoK, and which
I've discussed repeatedly in former posts.

What I'm discussing in this post is how the differentials enter into
folks' nervous systems 'coming up blank'  when they try to think the
"rendering-useless" thought - when they try to resist 'moving away
from it.

This happens be-cause the differentials are converged upon via TD
E/I-minimization with respect to groupwise 'coersed consensus'.

The differentials which comprise "prefrontal constellations" come to
incorporate the 'rules' that are 'mandated' by groupwise 'coersed
consensus' because, if by-produced behavior 'transgresses' those
'rules' the groupwise 'coersed consensus' reacts in ways that impose
TD E/I(up) back upon the nervous system of the 'transgressor'.

Over the long term, this results in the "prefrontal constellations"
incorporating TD E/I(down) differentials that are directly correlated
to the 'rules' of groupwise 'coersed consensus', and TD E/I(up)
differentials that are inversely correlated to the 'rules' of
'coersed consensus'. The former 'tune' the 3-D differential 'bridge'
'surface' with respect to 'moving toward'. The latter with respect to
'moving away from'.

The inability to think the "rendering useless" thought derives in the
way that the anti-correlated differentials constitute
"tuning-precision voids" [AoK, "Short Paper" section] that, because
they implement TD E/I-(up), are 'blindly' and automatically
eliminated from "supersystem configurations" [AoK, Ap5] that are
converged upon via TD E/I-minimization.

The 'villain' within all of this is, of course, the fact that the
'rules' that exist within groupwise 'coersed consensus' derive in
merely-haphazardly-accumulated mutually-inclusive experience that's
handed down intergenerationally - all the 'hollering' that Parents do
with respect to their Children's behavior is 'just' the Parents'
handing-down ['coersing'] the 'rules' of the groupwise 'coersed
consensus' that were 'coersed' upon them within their own Childhoods,
by their Parents.

It's a 'double-edged sword'.

It's a critical 'time' during behavioral development. It's =crucial=
to the survival of the Children that they do, in fact, acquire
"prefrontal constellations" that conformed to the groupwise 'coersed
consensus' in which they are to Live as Adults.

But, since the 'rules' inherent in any groupwise 'coersed consensus'
are, themselves, accumulated via merely haphazard accumulation of
experience, the dynamics that pass on 'coersed consensus' to the next
generation also 'coerse' the perpetuation of all manner of stuff
that's detrimental to the welfare of Humanity.

But, when anyone tries to 'escape' the haphazardly-accumulated
'rules' of groupwise 'coersed consensus', they are 'attacked' - TD
E/I(up) is induced within their nervous systems be-cause their
'rule'-violations induce TD E/I(up) within the nervous systems of
folks who adhere to the groupwise 'coersed consensus'.

You see, it's a 'stalemate' in which "man's inhumanity to man" is
perpetually dictated by the mere fact that it has formerly been
dictated within formative experience.

And when anyone 'transgresses' the 'rules', the only thoughts that
others can think with respect to the 'transgressor's behavior are the
thoughts which conform to the 'rules' of the groupwise 'coersed
consensus' - folks 'come up blank' with respect to any thought that's
directly correlated to the behavior of the 'transgressor'.

This is the central problem that NDT Resolves.

I developed NDT because, as a Child, I'd Analyzed the problem from a
behavioral perspective, and saw that something had to be done to lift
Humanity up out of the viscious cycling inherent.

As I worked to convey the solution, as above, I always ran into
folks' not being able to think the  thought inherent, so I just kept
digging deeper, going all the way into the never-before-explored
nervous system regions and dynamics, and it gradually became clear to
me that I was on the right track with respect to the original
problem - because looking at the welspring of "man's inhumanity to
man" from the relatively abstract perspective of the Biology and its
functioning, allows folks to 'externalize' the path to understanding
in a way that allows them to think the thought inherent without
getting sucked into the quagmire of the 'rules' of groupwise 'coersed

It allows folks to look at "man's inhumanity to man" in a
dispassionate way that derives in simply understanding how the
Biology works.

But, lo and behold, the groupwise 'coersed consensus' within Biology
and the Neuroscience specialization  is replete with 'rules' that
hold such understanding to be 'taboo' :-]

Biologists cannot think Biologically :-]

To do so is 'against the rules' :-]

And, I'm here to tell you that 'biology' takes its 'rules'

I Know first-hand.

It's all as has been discussed in this msg, and as has been in AoK
all along.

It's why I've gone on and on about how 'the beast', "Abstract
Ignorance" 'dictates' to folks what it is that they will do.

It's why I've Lamented such with all my 'heart'.

When I look upon folks, I see behavioral dynamics that have more in
common with "Dante's Inferno" stuff than they do with what I Know is
in Human nervous systems.

But, if Biologists can't think the thought, who can?

Sadly, folks who've not suffered the 'coersed consensus' that's
routinely enforced within 'biology'.

Sadly,  Humanity's Survival depended upon taking Biology out of the
grasp of 'biology's 'coeresed consensus' - out of the grasp of
'neuroscience's 'coersed consensus'.

Forgive me, please, this's is what I've done.

Even Knowing that it would cost me everything.

Please Forgive me, also, for so determinedly driving the point home
from the perspective of my own experience.

I've 'hated' every 'moment' inherent in such doing.

There was no way around it, though.

It just =Needed= Doing.

So I did it.

If folks've paid attention, and not 'moved away from', folks'll get
it, and Humanity will Survive.

If not, I doubt that Humanity will Survive - 'the beast' will 'just'
continue to augment its Savagery until cataclysmic world-wide "going
amygdalar" looses weapons of mass destruction, and that will be
Humanity's End.

It's just that serious.

I Hope I've not Failed.

Because, if I have, 'the beast' will not.

When I look back on my experience, including its 'timing', it all
seems 'surreal' to me - the way that a Child who Loved his Dad,
wanting to understand his Dad's 'hardness', at just the right 'time'
to be prepared to see the larger problem with respect to all of
"man's inhumanity to man", has just been the most-Amazing stuff. It's
been as if I've been an 'alien' obsrver who was 'sent' to do this
work on behalf of Humanity.

I understand that folks'll think this's too 'weird', but it's very
close to what's actually transpired - I've been treated as an 'alien'
being all along - Savaged, really, by the 'native' beings - by those
upon whose behalves I was working.

So, it's easy for me to see things in this 'strange' way.

I 'wonder' with respect to the 'timing', but speculate no further.

I don't expect anything of anyone - i've come to understand the
'reflex' reaction to my work.

I do Hope, however, that I've not Failed to get NDT's fundamentals
across to folks.

Find your Greatness!

Draw yourselves up to your full heights.

Work to understand.

Do it for the Children.

You know - groupwise-Altruism.

I'll go Thank my Dad for 'you' tommorow.

K. P. Collins

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