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Alzheimer's protein jams mitochondria of affected cells; resulting 'energy crisis' kills neurons

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Thu Apr 24 14:22:01 EST 2003

Hi Peter.

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| Hi Ken,
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| > Experience matters <snip>
| I totally agree with you!
| Cheers,
| P

You see, everything correlated to my 'lack of traditional experience'
is explained in AoK.

In fact, your 'point' is one of AoK's main 'points'.

Folks routinely negatively-sanction others on the premise that,
'because' the others 'lack experience', the others are, 'supposedly'
of 'lesser worth'.

But that's a "False finitization" [AoK, Ap4].

What's actually going on are the dynamics of groupwise 'coersed
consensus' in which a person, say me, who 'violates' the 'rules' of
groupwise 'coersed consensus' is 'ostracized' in ways that 'ban' him
from experiencing the experience he lacks.

NDT makes the transcendant 'point' that all of this reduces directly
to TD E/I-minimization.

So, your tongue-in-cheek 'criticism', only substantiates NDT's
position :-]

Between us, it's all 'in good fun' [I Hope], but the dynamics
inherent are the same dynamics through which "man's inhumanity to
man" is sustained and perpetuated, so they are of enormous
Consequence to Humanity.

The Sorrowful thing is that they stand, Savagely Dictating to
Humanity, when all that's necessary with respect to their complete
amelioration is that folks simply understand the underpinning nervous
system dynamics.

Try to understand things from my perspective.

I, daily, experience the Ravaging of groupwise 'coersed consensus'
that 'bans' me from gaining the experience that'd eliminate the
'premise' under which the 'banning' is carried-out.

It's nothing but a prejudice-driven self-fufilling prophecy that's
not understood for what it is - just more 'blindly'-automated TD

So, even my being 'banned' 'sings peans' to NDT :-]

ken [K. P. Collins

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