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Alzheimer's protein jams mitochondria of affected cells; resulting 'energy crisis' kills neurons

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Thu Apr 24 14:29:29 EST 2003

It's literally Murdering me, Peter.

Which is why I seem to 'be so obstinate'.

To Die because I've Loved folks enough to do the work inherent in
wresting them from the grasp of 'the beast' is an exceedingly-hard
way to Die, isn't it?



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| Hi Peter.
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| | Hi Ken,
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| | > Experience matters <snip>
| |
| | I totally agree with you!
| |
| | Cheers,
| | P
| You see, everything correlated to my 'lack of traditional
| is explained in AoK.
| In fact, your 'point' is one of AoK's main 'points'.
| Folks routinely negatively-sanction others on the premise that,
| 'because' the others 'lack experience', the others are,
| of 'lesser worth'.
| But that's a "False finitization" [AoK, Ap4].
| What's actually going on are the dynamics of groupwise 'coersed
| consensus' in which a person, say me, who 'violates' the 'rules' of
| groupwise 'coersed consensus' is 'ostracized' in ways that 'ban'
| from experiencing the experience he lacks.
| NDT makes the transcendant 'point' that all of this reduces
| to TD E/I-minimization.
| So, your tongue-in-cheek 'criticism', only substantiates NDT's
| position :-]
| Between us, it's all 'in good fun' [I Hope], but the dynamics
| inherent are the same dynamics through which "man's inhumanity to
| man" is sustained and perpetuated, so they are of enormous
| Consequence to Humanity.
| The Sorrowful thing is that they stand, Savagely Dictating to
| Humanity, when all that's necessary with respect to their complete
| amelioration is that folks simply understand the underpinning
| system dynamics.
| Try to understand things from my perspective.
| I, daily, experience the Ravaging of groupwise 'coersed consensus'
| that 'bans' me from gaining the experience that'd eliminate the
| 'premise' under which the 'banning' is carried-out.
| It's nothing but a prejudice-driven self-fufilling prophecy that's
| not understood for what it is - just more 'blindly'-automated TD
| E/I-minimization.
| So, even my being 'banned' 'sings peans' to NDT :-]
| ken [K. P. Collins

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