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Rosalind Franklin - PBS Nova [more 'egg-carton' stuff]

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Thu Apr 24 15:52:20 EST 2003

Hey! I just notices that, if you turn the bulk egg 'carton' over, it
works even better!

You can actually see the macroscopic equivalent of 'bonding forces',
STM motion artifacts, local 3-D energydynamics, and the overall
group-discipline :-]

The thought is the macroscopic processes that forms the egg 'carton'
is constrained by, and crudely reflects the 'same' 3-D energydynamics
that the microscopic case does.

Of course it =must= be so, but the way that the 'art' of the
underside of the bulk egg 'carton' is so literal gives me a smile :-]

Yippie skippie!!! :-]

Take a peak. See it for yourselves. You don't even have to make a
purchase. Just go to your local warehouse outlet, take an egg
'container' out of the cooler, and hold it over your head [do it
carefully - else you'll have egg on your face :-]


"KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| "KP-PC" <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote in message
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| | Anyway, what's happening in Crystallography is =not=
| |
| | What's happening in-there is =refraction= as was explained in the
| | little "Compton Refraction" QBasic programs I posted over this
| | winter.
| | [...]
| I was going to scan and post some images that verify this, vividly,
| at all scales, but the computer I was using just suddenly 'died'
| So I'll paint the pictures in words.
| Start with an egg carton - better yet, go to a wharehouse outlet
| B. J.'s, and purchase one of those eggs-in-bulk setups [30- eggs -
| you can always use eggs, right? :-]
| The bulk 'container' is better because it's Geometry is 5 x 6 -
| 'square' than a regular egg carton - easier to see the Geometry
| inherent.
| Take all the eggs out of the 'container', and study its Geometry.
| 30 'Bumps' - 6 x 5 - with 12 lesser 'bumps' on two sides of the
| periphery ['boundary conditions :-]
| Now, if you followed the links to electron micrographs that I
| last winter, you'll recall that there were several of them having
| Geometry looking strikingly-like the Geometry of the bulk egg
| container. The 'bumps' in the egg container are analogous to
| Get it?
| Their Geometries are 'analogues' of each other.
| The really-startling image that I was going to post was of a square
| orthoganally-divided [like a Cartesian coordinate system] sewer
| cover.
| What had happened was that I was out for a walk at the 'beginning'
| a snow storm this past winter, and, when I looked down at the way
| that the falling snow had accumulated upon the sewer cover, I was
| startled to 'see' the 'bulk egg carton', and its
| analogues. The snow had built up little mounds where the sewer
| cover's 'X & Y coordinates' crossed each other. At the 'time' I
| note of this, only a couple of inches of snow had fallen, so the
| holes through the sewer cover were empty.
| I recognized the Worth in-it immediately, ran into the house, got
| camera and captured the image.
| What's the Worth in-it?
| It's an instance in which a one-way flow of stuff [the falling
| builds up a 3-D structure out of itself with respect to what's
| for it to interact with.
| I really wish I could post the images. You'd also see it all
| immediately.
| But, since I can't post the images, you'll have to 'see' them in
| ol' noggin' labs.
| This macroscopic flow of the falling snow is an =exact= macroscopic
| analogue of the UES-flow which sustains the existences of SSW<->UES
| harmonics ['atoms'], and literally traces the
| artificially-separated-out portion of the macrosopic UES-flow that
| constitutes what has been referred to as "gravity".
| It's all so Awesomely-Beautiful!
| I wanted to share the images, and spent two day's food allowance to
| have the pictures developed the other day - but alas, 'word
| will have to suffice.
| ken [K. P. Collins]

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