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Aluminum & Alzheimer's Disease

StromThurman ilp3003 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 25 19:50:26 EST 2003

Lead, mercury, Cadmium, lithium, all the metals have a definite affect
on brain function it would seem.  recent findings suggest that metals
like zinc and copper are the reactive part of sensor molecules that
bind with molecules to produce what we smell.  One of the symptoms of
Alzeimers is a loss of smell.

  It has been suggested that as we deplete the soil of all these trace
elements, such as zinc, copper, magnesium, etc, and many other trace
metallic elements, elements current fertilizers do not replace in a
high-organicly developed form(by other life forms, for example), we
are not getting all the nutrients we should from our food.

  Of course, we've so made up in other areas that we are much much
healthier, but it's the brain functions that may be suffering.  People
look alot better than they ever have.

   It may be partly the loss of the sinus lining's ability to produce
mucus and coat the very delicate tissues of the esophogeal linings and
olfactory sensors.
This may be caused by improper lymph drainage, and/or disease of the
immune system.  Colds make us secrete lots of mucus, our aches and
pains when we are sick are due to changes in our muscle mucus, in
fact, the primary most significant bodily response to sickness is a
flooding of the tissues with mucus.

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