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What could I have done that I did not do?

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Sat Apr 26 23:52:35 EST 2003

What could I have done that I did not do?

It's a 'loaded question', because, if I could think of it, and it was
possible, given my personal resources, I've done it.

But I'd like to hear what folks have to say.

The basic problem derived in the fact that I had to develop NDT
outside of the system.

To try to overcome the 'separation' entailed, I went to both Society
for Neuroscience and AAAS meetings, where I passed out copies of AoK
[at a cost of $7.00 \each to me]. The meetings cost $3000-3500 each,
and I went to 5-6 of them. I was expecting someone to respond
affirmatively - in a way that would have allowed me to work my way
back into the system.

I couldn't even apply for grad school because I'd 'funded' my
research with my credit cards [the credit-card Science toundation"
:-], and was, typically, carrying $20,000 in credit-card debt,
needing it's monthly payment that would've been 'impossible' to meet
as a grad student.

If I allow myself $3.00]hr for my 'wage', on top of my earnings that
went into the theory's support [60-70% of what I earned], that comes
to more than $800,000. A more-resonable 'wage' would be $30.00\hr,
which comes to $8 million worth of work - but, as the Master Card[tm]
commercials say, the work is actually "Priceless" - there's $
trillions of value in it, which, for the past 20 years, it's seemed
to me, has been the actual 'stumbling block - which is Disgusting,
because folks've been slaughtering their fellow Humans all along,
inviting stuff like Bosnia, Kosovo, the 2 gulf wars, a couple of
Genocides and numerous slaughters on the African continent, including
Mogadisu, the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the Misery in Palestine
and Israel, 'nuclear' brinksmanship between Pakistan and India, and,
now, North Korea, and the Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center
[2], and the Pentagon. Coupled to this, has been the senseless
draining of the U.S. Treasury to such an extent that virtually every
State in the Union is in serious fiscal trouble, schools are being
underfunded, even in the midst of a Promise to "leave no child
behind" and, even in the heightened National Security situation in
the aftermath of 2001-09-11, emergency services are being

So, measure the degree to which my 'jaw hangs down' against all that.

NDT's understanding could have ameliorated =all= of this
reprehensible stuff.

But what's happened, instead, is that Greed with respect to the
'technological worth' that's in NDT literally =invited= all of this
reprehensible stuff.

And, when I ask folks to "please help" there's been, to date, zero
response. There has been a lot of 'banter', but all along I've been
asking for help in getting NDT's understanding communicated, my own
situation is my own situation, through my own Choice - but NDT is
Science. The tradition in Science is to communicate Science.

That my pleas have never been responded to, again, derives in the
'profit-seekers' dictating the course of things - folks've wanted to
'delay' the general communication of NDT's stuff so that they could
'get ahead of the curve'.

Well, they did, but with the Sorrowful outcome outlined above.

When I grasp it all in fullness, the Horror of what's transpired with
respect to NDT's understanding literally takes my breath away.

Think about it from my perspective, and, if you do so Honestly and
fully, you'll understand.

Death, destruction, ravaging all over the place. personal Freedom
shrinking drastically - all around the world - Civilization going
backwards, and this handful of Greed-driven 'profit-seekers' is
dictating all of this Misery upon the rest of Humanity.

Every day it gets worse.

And the way I'm being Murdered discloses a lot about the 'dictators',
doesn't it?


K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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