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What could I have done that I did not do?

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Sun Apr 27 00:22:58 EST 2003

And the most jaw-hanging thing is that Forthright addressing of the
Problem is met with what can only be termed "scorn".

Who is it that anyone 'thinks' they are 'scorning'?

Take inventory. Who has escaped the travail that
augmentingly-befalling Humanity?

No one.

It's not 'me' folks've been 'scorning'.

Folks've been 'scorning' themselves - folks've been 'scorning' their
own Children.

Isn't it so?


Such is 'humanity'-in-the-grasp-of-'the beast', "Abstract Ignorance"
[the absence of understanding with respect to how and why nervous
systems process information via 'blindly'-automated TD
E/I-minimization within nervous systems that, nevertheless, do
process information via 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization].

Wake up!

Please wake up!

Humanness isn't something that happens 'blindly' and automatically.

Humanness happens to the degree that our species lifts itself up

In our 'time' animals are are transcending 'blind'-automation to a
greater degree than are 'human beings'. They don't collude as do
'humans' do to gang-up and dictate that which derives in

Get it straight - co-operation, =in-Reason= benefits Humanity.

Co-operation in 'blind'-automation is nothing but

Animals don't even descend to such depths!

Wake up!

K. P. Collins

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| What could I have done that I did not do?
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