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Good Grief!

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Good Grief!

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| [...]
| Communication was established using a microphone and the identities
of all
| involved kept under wraps.
| [...]
| 'A lot of scientists would argue that I am downloading the
information from
| somewhere and I wouldn't argue with that. There's not always a
| contact. If you were very emotional you'd give off a lot of feeling
and I
| would be able to pick up the fact that you were going through a
crisis time.
| [...]

There is a 'sixth sense'. It is degree of TD E/I-minimization, and,
as I've explained repeatedly, TD E/I-minimization is actually the
only physically-real 'sense' - everything else that happens within
nervous systems reduces directly to TD E/I-minimization. Everything
else, including the tratitionally-recognized 'five senses' reduces
directly to TD E/I-minimization.

As is discussed in AoK, ["infant's crying behavior" example [Ap5];
"sensory-motor template mismatch" discussion [Ap5]; "nonsense
sentence" example [Ap6], and, really, =all= of AoK] speech behavioral
by-products =always= contain remnants of stochastic activation. An
understanding 'ear' can easily detect, and comprehend. the TD E/I
'meaning' inherent - even via a "microphone" [depending upon the
fidelity of its functionality]. I routinely do exactly this, not only
with respect to audition, but with respect to everything within the
behavioral by-products of folks who I encounter. [It's why it's often
'painful' for me to experience interaction with others [I'm not at
all "shy". It's often the case that this or that is flat-out Painful
for me to Witness. I try to "turn the other cheek", and folks 'think'
I'm 'shy' - but that's not it. It's just a Painful 'embarassment' on
behalf of the others. How does one say, "You're your fly is
unzipped', when one knows that the others don't understand that they
have a 'fly' that they're leaving 'unzipped' [that they remain
oblivious to what's all right-there in easily-observed relative-TD
E/I]? So, I "turn the other cheek", and everybody 'thinks' I'm this
or that that's [fill in the derrgation of your choice, here]].

It's no 'big deal'. In the future, such'll be flat-out commonplace
within =everyone's= interactive dynamics. Such is, obviously,
'scheduled' within our species' becomming Truly-Human.

There's absolutely nothing non-physical in =any= of what was
addressed in the post to which I'm replying.

It's all 'just' some exceedingly-Beautiful, and meaningful, Physics

Trust me, God has a 'sense of Humor' [April 24th was the 114th day of
this year, for instance], but "God doesn't play at dice." [Albert

I do not pretend to 'know' God, but, as far as I can see, God is very
comfortable with working through physical reality.

[when I tried to send this, I got a dialog box saying that the other
NG could not be resolved. As usual, I'd not noted the cross-post in
the header, and I've deleted it - it's 'interesting', though that the
others can post-into, and I can't post out-of :-]

ken [K. P. Collins]

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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