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What could I have done that I did not do?

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Sun Apr 27 13:05:16 EST 2003

Hi Kim.

"Kim" <kim at nopsamclara.co.uk> wrote in message
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| Hi Ken,
| Obviously you seem very passionate about your
| work, as I am about mine and as all in science
| should be. For as long as I have visited this newsgroup
| you have by far had the majority of posts describing
| how your theories on TD E/I-minimization etc. can
| account for a wide range of diseases and behaviour.
| However it is near to impossible to work out what
| your ideas are from the mass of posts you have made,
| and you have stated that you only post for people who
| have followed your argumenets over the years, and not
| to people who arrive late. Therefore is there an online
| version of your work? So people can read, understand
| and then give their opinions. If not I think it would be a
| good idea, else you risk alienating people purely on the
| basis of timing!
| Kim

I do deliberately 'bootstrap' my efforts by 'fanning the flames' of
'passion'. [Why this's 'necessary' is explained in AoK, Ap7 -
conscious elevation of the "diminishing-returns decision" threshold.
[As far as I'm concerned, the 'grapes' might be 'sour', but I
struggle to reach them, anyway :-] I understand that there's a
'trade-off' inherent. Existing with an elevated "diminishing-returns
decision" threshold is 'double-edged sword' stuff - allows one to do,
but induces TD E/I(up) within others' nervous systems.

What was the 'alternative'?

To 'acquiesce' to the status quo - and if I'd've done that, then the
work would've been left undone.

"Damned if I do. Damned if I don't."

Anyway, with respect to posting AoK in HTML in some online 'place'. I
regret not having done so. I've got substantive reason for not having
done so - AoK is so old. It needs to be rewritten. I don't want to
put it out-there as if it's 'the latest thing'. It isn't.

Now, I can't because all of my computers through which I could do so
have been 'trashed', apparently through external attacks - and, given
my penurity, I've not the means to 'recover' from such, which is
'easy' to do, but requires $ that I don't have [to purchase machine
components, and rebuild the machines. I think my Dad's whole house
has been 'under attack' because of 'strange' electrical stuff that's
been happening - stuff 'blowing-out' all over the place.

Must be 'the beast', angry at me for making it Visible :-]

I do send out an old MSDOS[tm]-Windows[tm] version of the "Automation
of Knowing..." [AoK] ms., gratis to folks who ask for it [because
it's about a 350k attachment - too big to just send to folks
unsolicited - if I didn't leave it up to folks, I'd be
unacceptably-'offensive' with respect to folks' Free Wills].

So, anyone who wants AoK should ask during the next two days.

Cheers, Kim. Thank You for your Kind reaching-out to me.

ken [K. P. Collins]

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