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Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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Sun Apr 27 15:08:17 EST 2003

"Every Government's Mandate", By ALAN EHRENHALT


"Ramses II had invented the unfunded mandate. In the short run, it was not a success. The Hebrew people, against whom the mandate was directed, thought it so unfair that they left Egypt altogether."

Psychologically, the Citizery is, in fact, doing an analogous thing - what's being 'rebelled' against is all of the coersed and coersive 'fabrication' that comes out of Washington, D. C.

It's the "compounding of complexity' that's inherent in 'moving away from' Truth, which exhausts all possible effort in 'just' sustaining 'the Lie'.

People are fed up with being so 'flip-flopped-around' with respect to Truth by the politicians' saying anything depending upon who they're talking to - so fed up that they're just opting-out of the spirit-exhausting-'slavery' inherent.

It's what's been going on, psychologically, amongst the Citizenry.

This psychological stuff is what underpins the economic 'malaise'.

Folks're 'tired' of being Lied to.

There's so much say-anything-ness running rampant, that common folks can gain no 'traction' in the 'slipperiness' of it all - as soon as they try to, the 'rules' change. They try to adjust, and the 'rules' change again - ad infinitum.

And folks in Washington, D. C. can't even see any of this because they're so interactively-inbred - so personally well isolated from the stuff that 'beats-up' the average Citizen - that they actually 'believe' all their Lying 'is truth' - they can't see out of the 'house of cards' they've constructed.

And they don't understand why the Citizenry, 'tired' of being bounced first this way, then that, then the other way, ..., is 'just' 'leaving it all behind' psychologically?

Interminable 'moving away from' Truth is Slavery.

Anything is better than enduring the burden inherent in the compounding of complexity inherent in 'moving away from' Truth.

"Put this or that spin on it. The people will never know any difference."

Oh yes the People will!

K. P. Collins

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