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What could I have done that I did not do?

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Sun Apr 27 23:35:10 EST 2003

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| Not that that really answered my question at all... but, if AoK is
so good
| at prediciting everything (although it seems you can only apply to
| after it has happened) Why don't you apply it to the stock market
and make
| yourself some money.

I have - but just to understand what was going on in-there.

Since you're 'curious', I'll continue a bit.

It's not just what's discussed in AoK. It's seeing the world in the
light of NDT's understanding, and it's not just 'POOF!' stuff -
there's a lot of work in it. What it entails is acquiring experience,
in as much depth as possible, and, then, Honoring Truth with respect
to the entirety of what's been experienced, not just what's TD

The ability to do this - to endure it - derives in the way NDT allows
one to see what's not in 'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization - so
one elevates one's "volitional diminishing returns decision"
threshold, and allows 'uncomfortable' stuff [TD E/I(up)-inducing
stuff to linger within one's 'awareness' long enough to 'chew on it'.
All that's necessary is to not 'run away' from it. 'Normal' TD
E/I-minimization takes care of getting it sorted out. [For folks
who've read my former discussions of Truth's one map, I'm just
discussing that stuff in this equivalent way.] The important thing is
to experience this or that thoroughly enough to 'corral' 'all' of its
correlations with respect to WDB2T - to range widely enough that one
doesn't end up calling a TD E/I local 'minimum' "the whole shebang".

The last thing is where NDT's understanding becomes really-important
because, without it, folks tend to 'bail out' too soon, and, as a
result, are 'unable' to think the thoughts that need to be thought in
order to Honor Truth [follow Truth's one map as it's correlated to
WDB2T] with respect to that which has been experienced - so, without
NDT's understanding, folks tend, strongly, to be able to see what's
in need of fixing only as 'the way things are supposed to be', so
they can't see that it needs fixing, and so 'all they can do' is act
in ways that perpetuate it, even though it's broken to the 'point' of
Ravaging Humanity.

The problem with 'making money' is that, as soon as that becomes 'the
goal', Truth 'flies out the window' - folks 'just' can't see Truth
when all they choose to see is 'money'. 'Money' is invoked in ways
that, supposedly, 'transform' anything into anything - but that's
only an illusion that's 'convenient' with respect to
'blindly'-automated TD E/I-minimization.

'Course, folks who can only see 'money' can eat better than me :-]

But we'll all end up in the ground [or an ash-thingy].

What it comes down to is that I know the worth of the work I do with
respect to the Survival of Humanity, so I do it, not waiting to 'get
paid' - it just needs to be done - but, with good reason to do so, I
Guard Free Will - so, if folks choose not to sustain one who does the
work that, for whatever reason, they don't do, and they can't see the
costs that acrue to them through their Choice, then that's the way
it'll go.

I've no 'control' with respect to such. Nor do I want any.

I do find it to be [Tragically] 'hilarious', though.

Anyway, I've gotten a two-week extension on my 'going away'. I've got
'mixed emotions' with respect to this turn of events. On the one
hand, I'm just about 'giddy' with 'relief', but it's also 'hard'
because I'd worked through the 'heart'-ache inherent in just
'dropping everything'.

I've been 'light-hearted' in recent 'days' because it'd become clear
to me that I finally had an adequate 'excuse' for 'not  trying'.

Now, it's back to living the same 'say' "over and over and over"
["Phil Conors" in "Groundhog Day"].

You can 'measure' the difficulty of what I do by the fact that I was
'looking forward' to not having to do it.

Over and out with respect to overly-personal inquires.


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