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What could I have done that I did not do?

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Mon Apr 28 11:08:31 EST 2003

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| Not that that really answered my question at all... but, if AoK is
so good
| at prediciting everything (although it seems you can only apply to
| after it has happened) Why don't you apply it to the stock market
and make
| yourself some money.

If you want Prediction, go [quickly!] to the Library, and select a
recent article, dealing with the functional Neuroanatomy, from
_Science_ [better go back at least a month].

If you don't want to use _Science_, use _Nature Neuroscience_ [only
thing, here, is that to get to that Library costs me $10 just for
fuel for my old car [it's 'hilarious' - 4 cylinder, but, with my last
fill-up, I only got about 10-11 mpg :-]

Anyway, if you select an article, I'll show you what NDT can do.

Be quick. If you're going to do it, do it first thing after receiving
this msg.

ALL - this Challenge is open to everyone, not only 'the New

Don't give me anything that does not discuss the functional
Neuroanatomy at the scale of it's reportage - anything else is
'chemistry', which I do in the same way, but, because it requires me
to take a side-trip to reconstruct and cross-correlate the functional
Neuroanatomy inherent, it requires more energy than I can push, given
the quantity of energy that remains 'pushable' to me. I've got two
weeks, then I 'fall off the edge of the world'.

Two more weeks of 'waiting' on folks who enjoy 'waiting' more than
anything else in the Universe.

I'm back to being so 'angry' that I could 'spit nails'.

Why do I have to Die?


K. P. Collins

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