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Mon Apr 28 18:19:29 EST 2003

I just saw a report on ABC evening TV News that said folks're going
to work to develop ways to block SPAM.


Some things to consider:

Consider the possibility of giveng users two standard 'in boxes'. One
would be as things are now, but the other would be a 'protected
access' [encryption-protected] in box that users could open to others
by typing in an email address, or dragging a msg received in the
'general in box'. After either of these actions, email from the user
whose msg was 'dragged' would automatically go into the 'protected'
in box, so users could easily use email 'normally'.

Consider giving users the option to configure their software so that
they can delete everything in the 'general in box' without opening
any of it [now, in IE, for instance, at least one msg always get's
'opened', and any msg that's clicked on is 'opened' - even if the
user is just dragging it to the wastebin.] Give users the ability to
turn off such automatic 'opening'.

Consider giving users the option to automatically clean-up the
'general in box' when it grows to a user-configurable size. Users can
set this and, understanding that they can, if they choose, look over
the headersin the 'general in-box' for non-SPAM emails, forget about

Consider adding a button to the UI that allows users to add the
addressee of email they send to the protected in box's address list -
so that a user sending a job query, etc., can receive reply email in
the protected in box.

Consider adding another button that allows users to send header info
of SPAM to a central database where, as users send it there, it can
be easily analyzed with respect to it's distribution scope. Seek the
establishment of Legal Authority with respect to the Administration
of this centralized DB, and with respect to the actions that the
Administrators can take with respect to large-scope offenders.

Along with informing users with respect to the new capabilities,
these simple things are all that's necessary. [I can add
more-sophistocated capability if you'll allow me to do so.]

Then, just let the SPAMmers 'knock themselves out'. When their
efforts come to naught, they'll get it, eventually.

SPAM happens because the engineering allows it to happen.

What's here doesn't infringe anyone's right to receive anything. It
just helps those who want to 'cut to the chase' - who want to
minimize extraneous stuff.

It's just more TD E/I-minimization [which is why I'm posting this in
b.n :-]

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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