Reversal potential/Equilibrium potential Definitions! (should be easy for you guys)

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Wed Apr 30 01:18:03 EST 2003

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| [...]
| For instance, a bird could not alight in the tiny  maple saplings
| that're sprouting in Dad's spring-'time' yard. Yet, as they 'pump
| energy', they grow, and as they grow, there'll vome a day when a
| can very well alight within them.
| [...]

I Love trees. If it was my proerty, I'd grow a lot of well-tended
'little' trees - "New England bonsais" :-]

As it is, of course they'll get mown down the first time I cut the

[Just in case anyone was 'wondering' re. my plans for the maple
saplings that've sprung to life :-]


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