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Wed Apr 30 10:50:21 EST 2003


It's not new. Extensive research has already been done on so-called
"qualitative reasoning." This includes diagrammatic and analogic
reasoning, e.g.

My library includes this title:

"Diagrammatic Reasoning; Cognitive and Computational Perspectives"
Ed. Janice Glasgow, N. Hari Narayanan, B. CHandrasekaran
Pub. AAAI Press / The MIT Press
ISBN 0-262-57112-9

I also know of the "Qualitative Reasoning Group" at Northwestern

Though I'm unaware of specifics, there's much more going on. Just search
the Web for "Qualitative Reasoning" or other related topic phrases.

Randall Schulz

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>> in the
>> AI4U textbook of artificial intelligence (q.v.) distinguishes
>> between imagistic and syllogistic reasoning.
> Seems like a worthy (introductory?) book on AI. I am unfamiliar with 
> imagistic reasoning. Is this analogous to the logic of music, or the 
> "logical" interpretation thereof?
> I saw nothing on the integration of logic and probability which is a 
> necessary condition to the first-step AI reasoner as defined in this 
> thread.
> Thanks,
> Larry

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