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Ramifications of 'blind' TD E/I-minimization in the News

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Wed Apr 30 15:10:17 EST 2003

Two articles that actually discuss the same stuff from different perspectives:

"Report Finds Number of Black Children in Deep Poverty Rising", By SAM DILLON


When 'every' Child comes into the world as the most Intelligent thing on the face of the planet - a veritable Learning 'machine' - not giving the Child any 'doors' is 'just' unacceptable because it 'just' passes the buck to the Citizenry's future [a virtual across-the-board tax hike, and, simultaneously, and invitation to collective malaise, punctuated with 'randomly'-inflicted Sorrow].

On a lighter, but still literally 'heart'-breaking, note, the 2nd article demonstrates what's in a 'door':

"Simple Science Fairs Go the Way of the Dinosaurs", By SAM DILLON


What's "`heart'-breaking"?

When I use "`heart`", I'm referring to nervous systems.

"Mentoring" is good, and I'm in-favor of it, but, let's face it, the few Children who receive such are preferentially-connected.

The rest of the Children's 'hearts' are 'broken' in a relative way, through absence of commensurate Opportunity.

The problem is that 'preferential-connectivity' is a foolish 'determining' thing because, it's a virtual certainty that there are Childrens' 'hearts' that are 'falling through the cracks' of this overly-'slick' approach to Young Folks' doing of Science - especially foolish in light of the absence of what those 'broken'-'hearts', overlooked by 'the system', could have, otherwise, done for Humanity.

IKTF - and have, since my own Science Project days.

'Doors' should be open to all Children.

We should make this a Goal within our Society.

The best way to start accomplishing this would be to Publish and Broadcast little blurbs with respect to existing 'doors' - just so a Kid doesn't automatically see only the closed-'door'-ness into which she\he is born.

The 'blurbs' don't have to be 'preachy' - just Opportunity-factual and informing. An address, a date, prerequisites - all given with sufficient lead 'time'.

Good practice would standardize the 'time' and place of such announcements.

Good practice would have all folks who know about such 'door' stuff to make it available to Publishers and Broadcasters. [Such good practice would be rewarded by good 'hearts' within the larger community. Folks would join-hands in whatever way they could with respect to the 'door'-stuff and the folks who sustain it.]

Organize to make it a Joyfully-'routine' endeavor.

Then, a Child who wants to look for 'door'-stuff will know where to look. [The absence of such knowledge with respect to where to learn about 'door'-stuff is a main thing in the viscious cycle of Poverty. Everybody 'thinks' that the Child is 'no good', but that's not it. The impoverished Child just doesn't know that 'doors' even exist. Such a Child wonders, "Why are 'doors' so 'hidden`"?]

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"
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