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Reversal potential/Equilibrium potential Definitions! (should be easy for you guys)

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Wed Apr 30 21:57:28 EST 2003

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I've found the metaphor that satisfies me.

Think of neurons as 'fish swimming up the current' with respect to
WDB2T :-]

At first, this seems to be a nonsensical metaphor.

But when one focuses in upon the WDB2T 'current', one sees that the
spectrum of directionalities inherent in it is extremely-dynamicm and
all the while the nervous system is 'grasping' it, 'turning it
outside-in, upside-down, and backward', while simultaneously
achieving TD E/I-minimization with respect to it.

Think of all neuronal functioning as comprising the 'motions' of a
'fish' as they 'swim' up the current in this extremely-dynamic

Within this, a "reversal potential" is just a
'swimming'-directionality adjustment, so that, despite the
extreme-dynamicism of the energy-flow, via TD E/I-minimization, the
nervous system as a whole tends to 'swim' in one direction - up the
WDB2T energy-gradient.

It's a an extremely-dynamic 'torrent' in-there, yet the nervous
system sorts it all out in, practically, 'real time' to yield
whatever behavioral by-products of TD E/I-minimization that are
'momentarily' manifested - to yeild relatively-consistent 'swimming'
up the WDB2T energy-gradient.

Can you see it?

The "reversal potential", itself, =goes with= the overall 'swimming'
of the neurons [and glia] up the WDB2T energy-gradient.

The net result is that the internal energydynamics empower behavior
in a way that's rigorously coupled to the external energydynamics
=and= previously constructed "biological mass".

Within such, 'error'-conditions are 'blindly' and automatically
recognized in the divergence of the internal and external
energydynamics [sensori-motor "mismatch detection" during
"supersystem configuration"; AoK, Ap5] via the TD E/I(up) that occurs
within the supersystem.

In other words, 'knowing' consists of such 'neural swimming' :-]

Within such, "reversal potentials" implement 'swimming directionality
decisions' at the neuronal 'level'.

But, since the external energy flow is so dynamic, the "reversal
potentials" are not simple "reversals" - a change in the external
energy-flow, or a change in the internal energy-flow can be such that
a "reversal potential" event occurs inorder to just =maintain=
necessary 'directionality' of a neurons contribution to the overall
3-D energydynamics of a nervous system. That is, the energy-flow
changes, but the neuron just keeps 'swimming' up it's current,

This is an excellent 'window' into TD E/I-minimization, and expresses
my 'disagreement' with the standard connotation of the "reversal

Get it?

The "reversal potential" cannot be meaningfully discussed separate
from the 3-D energydynamics - 'cause, most often, it's not a
"reversal". It's a directionality adjustment with respect to a
neuron's contribution to the overall internal 3-D energydynamics.

K. P. Collins

"Schmitd! Schmitd! Ve vill build a Shapel!"

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