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Reversal potential/Equilibrium potential Definitions! (should be easy for you guys)

KP-PC k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%
Wed Apr 30 22:23:20 EST 2003

"Dag Stenberg" <dag.stenberg at nospam.helsinki.fi.invalid> wrote in
message news:b8nvd0$18b$2 at oravannahka.helsinki.fi...
| KP-PC <k.p.collins at worldnet.att.net%remove%> wrote:
| > If anyone 'wonders', I took the day off, today.
| > I felt the need to Live a little - crammed about
| > 15 years' Living into this day [or at least tried to].
| >
| > Nothing 'big-deal' - just a day, given over to
| > what I so enjoyed in my Youth - following my
| > 'heart' in the spring-'time' sunlight.
| >
| > Many True Delights were had.
| Personally, I regularly find that a problem solves
| itself when I take a walk. Does not always have to
| be long - sometimes I find the solution after two
| minutes, sometimes after an hour of brisk walking.
| I expect there is a TD E/I 'upside down' solution to
| this - motor activity and detachment from the
| immediate surroundings demanding attention
| unleashes the creative potential and savage
| determination within.
| Dag Stenberg

I gave short-shrift to the excellent example of the
meta-passive\active phase shift [the sensory-dominant\motor-dominant,
or information-gathering\information-use, pahse shift; AoK, Ap7].

A conscious shift into motor dominance is accompanied by the
"prefrontal constellation" shifts that are discussed in AoK, Ap7 - in
particular the rendering-secondary of the forceful injection of TD
E/I(up) back upon the rest of the system which is what constitutes
high-'level' "motivation".

A 'release' from this 'force' allows generalized TD E/I-minimization,
out of which, if one has gathered enough information, the problem
resolution 'pops-up' [itself, signalled by a relatively-large TD
E/I-minimization gradient].

So your way works, Dag.

I use heavy exertion as something akin to sub-threshold 'ECT', myself
:-], and prefer to just 'wander' free of all encumberance, on a cool
sunny day [but, back when I could do such, in a shoping mall]
exploring as many relatively-'unfamiliar' [to me] things as I can.

Deliberate seeking of novelty - gets the system 'unstuck', provides
"inverting reward" [AoK, Ap5], while the relative
'quiet-peacefulness' inherent 'mechanically' minimizes extraneous
stuff, which enhances TD E/I-minimization - the only 'down-side' in
this method is that it's necessarily a relatively-solitary endeavor -
when the Delightful stuff happens, there's always a bit of
'missing-of-others' with whom to share it ['lonliness'].

Cheers, Dag, ken

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