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Frank Olson Project website

Allen L. Barker alb at datafilter.com
Fri Aug 1 17:39:49 EST 2003

The Frank Olson Project website (run by his son) has a few new items.
Frank Olson, for those who don't know, was a CIA biological weapons
expert working under an Army cover.  For whatever reason, he was
unwittingly given LSD by the CIA and later thrown out the window of a
tall building in New York.  (They used to say he jumped; some still try
to say it is unclear what happened.)  The whole story is one sad web
of "official" lies, with the family being deceived for decades at a
time until a new piece of evidence would come along.

Here is the link to the index page of the site:


There are even some writings by Olson's young grandchildren on the
page, and some other student papers.  I've included some excerpts from
a few other articles below.  I've changed the final article from all
caps to mixed case.




By Tad Szulc
Psychology Today
November 1977


Another Gottlieb subproject under MK-ULTRA conducted experiments with
LAE, a lysergic-acid derivative, for the purpose of inducing
depersonalization and a schizophrenia-like condition in test
subjects. Gottlieb referred to the result in these cases as
"reversible chemical lobotomy" -- suggesting that the effects wear
off. There were 429 tests of this type reported on normal and
psychotic individuals in the first year of MK-ULTRA. (As in other such
tests mentioned in the CIA documents, there was no indication of where
the test subjects came from and whether they were "witting" or






All planning must be mental; no papers should ever contain evidence of
the operation.



I-Team: Army Scientist Killed by CIA?


Orginal WJLA-TV Script from newscast dated August 5, 2002


The family of a Frederick [Maryland] scientist, given LSD and then
murdered by the CIA, now say they know why his death was first lied
about and then covered up by the government for decades.

In a news conference today, family members say they can prove Frank
Olson worked for the CIA studying anthrax, and became horrified upon
learning biological weapons were used during the Korean War.

It is the latest chapter in an I-team investigation that began more
than a decade ago.


Tonight, the mystery may be solved.  For two decades the government
maintained Frank Olson, the Army scientist given LSD by the CIA,
committed suicide.

But an I-team investigation that began in 1992 raised the questions
that resulted in his exhumation, and the scientific proof he had been
murdered by the CIA.  All that was missing was a motive.

[on cam: Del in London, 1998]

But did Olson witness something on this side of the Atlantic that
caused him to have a crisis of consciousness?  That is what historians
in England want to know.

Our investigation took us overseas to London.  Tracing Olson's own
passport, the I-team uncovered evidence Frank Olson learned the
U.S. government was carrying out many of the same sordid experiments
as the Nazis.

Kevin Dowling, British journalist: "We believe he did see experiments
at a NATO base in Norway which upset him greatly, and this may have
contributed to his death."

But now a German documentary crew has uncovered what it calls the
bigger picture.

Eric Olson, Frank Olson's son: "Turns out that the whole context was
withheld.  First of all, he wasn't just an army scientist.  It turns
out he was working for the CIA."

Olson's son Eric says never-before-seen home movies reveal one of the
places his father visited during those frequent trips to Europe was a
top secret CIA safe-house.  It was there, Eric Olson alleges, German
POWs were interrogated, tortured and killed.

Olson: "I think in his last trip to Germany when he witnessed
interrogations that were terminal, and he came back and told his
colleague, Norman Conayer, 'Norman, have you ever seen somebody die?'
And Norman says, 'No.'  And he says, 'Well I did and it's rough.'"

In addition, evidence has now surfaced that Frank Olson was the not
just a scientist but the CIA's point man on anthrax.

Walters: "Your father was in charge of anthrax at Fort Detrick?"

Olson: "For 1952 he was head of the most secret biological warfare
laboratory in the United States."

Eric Olson says the home movies show aerosol anthrax being sprayed
from a crop duster during government experiments his father
supervised.  And German TV is reporting Frank Olson later came to
learn anthrax had been used during the Korean War.

Norman Conayer, worked with Frank Olson: "There people who had
biological weapons and they used them."

Eric Olson says his father was horrified upon learning the same LSD
brainwashing techniques he witnessed in Germany were used on these
U.S. soldiers.

U.S. soldier confessing on video [old footage]: "When my son asked me
what I did in Korea, how can I tell him that I came over here and
dropped germ bombs on people ... destroying, bringing death and

U.S. soldiers who first publicly admitted gassing North Korean
soldiers with anthrax, and then recanted.

U.S. soldier recanting on video: "I did sign a confession relating to
germ warfare.  But the statements contained in this confession were
false and were obtained under duress."

Days later, Frank Olson told associates he wanted out.  A short time
later, he was secretly given LSD by the CIA and tossed from the window
of his New York hotel room.

Professor James Starrs, George Washington University: "By the process
of exclusion, it's the only reasonable possibility."

Walters: "Did someone get away with murder?"

Starrs: "For the occurrence of this, the explanation is somebody got
away with murder, literally."

Eric Olson believes the new evidence, including this internal memo --
written by then Ford aides Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney -- would
explain why the CIA felt the need to assassinate his father.  And why
the government took extraordinary measures, including a 1975 meeting
with then-president Ford.  All the while mounting a massive cover-up
that continues even now.

Walters: "Is Eric Olson done?"

Olson: "I'm done, yeah I'm done.  ...  from my own intellectual
standards, I know what happened, I know why it happened.  It makes


In the memos, Dick Cheney tells Donald Rumsfeld and President Ford the
Olson matter must be kept secret -- including details of what Frank
Olson did for the government.  Despite that, Eric Olson says, it no
longer matters to him whether the government agrees or apologizes.

Twenty-seven years after his father's death, and twelve years after
the I-team's initial investigation, Frank Olson will be re-interred

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