Soy Neurotoxicity?

Charlie Wilkes charlie_wilkes at
Fri Aug 8 04:36:20 EST 2003

On Fri, 08 Aug 2003 04:50:53 GMT, Richard Schulman
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>Jack, the two articles you posted
>>The Trouble With Tofu: Soy and the Brain
>>By John D. MacArthur
>>Newest Research On Why You Should Avoid Soy
>>by Sally Fallon email: SAFallon at & Mary G. Enig, PhD email:
>>MGEnig at
>are truly astonishing, not only for their scientific interest and
>relevance but also as political scandals and likely fodder for the
>plaintiff bar.
>One of the first things I'm going to do in the wake of reading these
>two pieces is to contact our school district to inquire what soy
>products are currently being used in the district's lunch programs.
>Richard Schulman
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Not me.  I'm going to go into a health food store and show the
research to some hippies and laugh in their face.  Maybe I'll show up
with a bag full of McDonald's burgers in case they want to try a
healthier substitute for tofu.


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