Soy Neurotoxicity?

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> > > Not me.  I'm going to go into a health food store and show the
> > > research to some hippies and laugh in their face.  Maybe I'll show up
> > > with a bag full of McDonald's burgers in case they want to try a
> > > healthier substitute for tofu.
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> > Note that those of us here in the Far East who eat soy products in bulk are
> > laughing in *your* face, as our longevity continues to go up in perfect
> > parallel with your gross obesity.
> Laughing dementedly? ;)

Maybe.  Depends on the dose.

Genestein and diadzin, the main phytoestrogens in soy, are tyrosine
kinase inhibitors.  This blocks protein synthesis, which is good when
it is stopping tumor growth in low to moderate doses, and bad when it
kill brain cells in the substantia nigra and hippocampus, with larger

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