Lax parents blamed for 'attention deficit' behaviour

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Mon Aug 11 10:33:40 EST 2003

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> > By the way, I'm an armchair philosopher but make an honest attempt to
get at
> > the truth still with too many errors. Whatever, as James Joyce noted, "A
> > man's errors are his portals of discovery."(Ulysses I think but can't be
> > bothered checking tonight)
> Oh, I'm an armchair philosopher too!  I just get irritated by people who
> present their opinions and theories as fact, <snip>

Just a (hopefully pleasantly provokative) reflection, prompted by the above
comments (by the two of you):

After having sat certain conceptual handles on, and thus concretified
(partly by help of a fuzzsilly logical system of cementing certain new or
somewhat novel 'concEPTual' tools -- the entire set of which I call EPT)
certain insightful inroads, made by my messy mind, in the direction of a
Foremost Overview Of Truth (a FOOT that, even if not fully stEPT up to,
peripherally accounts for *any* future result of the search for a TOE or,
more realistically, a TOE-like tapestry of mathematical-theoretical
approximations), I am almost starting to wish that someone, irritated and
informed enough, would find at least one invigorating flaw in this my in a
sense 'Effectively Philosophy Terminating' thinking. %-\

Perhaps, in the process, I made a mental "cement shoe" for my philosophical
self? %-}


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