Copper & Alzheimer's Disease

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:>>   "These findings suggest that water quality may impact
:>>   on human health in the setting of increased circulating
:>>   cholesterol levels, and could illustrate a truly simple
:>>   life-style change that could be of benefit in AD."
:>*Simple* life style change? I doubt it since it would be practically
:>impossible to only ingest liquids made from distilled water over your
:>lifetime. In a lab trial its easy to restrict the liquid intake of a rabbit
:>in a cage, but unless you only ever drink water and no other liquids, this
:>would be a close to impossible task.

:   IAN: It's not an all-or-nothing situation. Given that you should 
:   drink several cups of water every day, try to make them distilled
:   water. Distilled water can be purchased in most grocery stores; or 
:   preferably, distill your own water. [...]

:   The amount of residue removed by distillation from a couple gallons
:   of water is remarkable. When you realize that junk would have
:   otherwise been inside you, you actually see the case for distillation.

The body needs minerals to live.  Too few are as bad as too many.

Distilled water seems controversial.  Here's what the naysayers say:

Why Purified Water is Bad For You
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