Saccades during sleep?

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Lance Sherman <lancesherman at> wrote:
> I, for one, will be watching this thread - from curiosity re the factual
> answer, but mostly to understand what is the motivating question underlying
> this one.

> That is, what are you thinking about, Didier?

In a paper, 
Vis Neurosci. 2000 Jan-Feb;17(1):55-62. 
"Burst and tonic firing in thalamic cells of unanesthetized, behaving
monkeys." by Ramcharan EJ, Gnadt JW, Sherman SM.
they record from cells in LGN during sleep and wakefulness. During sleep,
on a return map for the interspike intervals, you see clearly that there are
predominant intervals in the firing (Fig 3 if you have access to it). We
couldn't make out why there would be such specific intervals in the LGN of
the sleeping animal, unless there is some kind of saccading that is somehow
reflected in the LGN firing. 


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