Deities cannot exist because of their consciousness

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Tue Dec 2 11:24:32 EST 2003

On Tue, 02 Dec 2003 16:09:01 GMT, "Lance Sherman"
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>> >CUT
>> >My impression is that number 1 and 3 are both correct.
>> CUT
>> Keep you temper and grow up:)
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>Your personal remark to "r norman" piqued my curiosity, Dio -
>How old are you (I am 60)
>How old do you think "r norman" is?

I don't take anything Dio says personally, given the nature of his 
posts.  I am 63.  He once told me  "Try to study  neuroscience", a
subject I happen to teach.  And he has never seen me when I do lose my

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